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Bird flu circulates naturally among wild birds, and when they migrate to the UK from mainland Europe in winter the disease can be spread to poultry and other captive birds. Killer’ fish deployed to fight dengue outbreak in… Read More


World celebrates Christmas 2021. A giant sand sculpture of Santa Claus appeared on the beach at Bay of Bengal in India’s eastern Odisha state. If Covid-19 has taught us anything, it is that a whole-of-society approach is needed… Read More


If you’re keen to know the future of Moscow’s relationship with Beijing, Central Asia is the critical region to watch. New social media personalities hit back at its policies toward ethnic minorities and its handling of the coronavirus…. Read More


Dit is een oproep tot open debat. Een open debat tussen experts. Een open debat over de inhoud. Een debat over de rechtvaardiging en proportionaliteit van de maatregelen. Wie is aansprakelijk als de samenleving op slot gaat vanwege… Read More

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