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De kracht van cultuur om het leven zin, waarde, duiding en plezier te geven is sinds tijden niet zo duidelijk geweest. Zowel intrinsiek en maatschappelijk. Without the limitations of a physical location, access to a museum is possible… Read More


I don’t think there’s ever a point where we’re going to stop trying to educate people about getting the vaccine. Dit zogenaamde Google-effect op ons geheugen komt waarschijnlijk door het simpele feit dat als informatie zo makkelijk vindbaar… Read More


An eight-week gap seems to be the sweet spot for tackling the Delta variant. There is limited data available on how long protection from current Covid-19 vaccine doses lasts and whether an additional booster dose would be beneficial… Read More


More intense flooding poses a particular challenge to aging subway systems in some of the world’s largest cities. A 1972 MIT study predicted that rapid economic growth would lead to societal collapse in the mid 21st century. A… Read More


Offering a full suite of tools to help modernize both the front-end patient experience and back-end administrative processes at small and medium-sized dentist and doctor offices. The 5G network has solved problems like video lag and remote control… Read More


The travails of China’s past give its leaders better reason than most to appreciate how such problems could provoke deep social unrest. For the sake of the world, we must hope that they heed the warning. The efficacy… Read More


Faced with an unprecedented shock to demand and supply, economies could wear it and bounce back. The question I want to address is: who should get the credit? The fourth wave of the Covid-19 pandemic is likely to… Read More

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