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The Covid-19 crisis enters a unique window of opportunity to build a new social contract. Is the coronavirus pandemic a staff exercise of the deep state? One of the premises of stoicism is that it will help you assimilate… Read More


Predictions 2022: space travel, mRNA, crypto, inflation, the great resignation, EVs and the metaverse. The future of HR leadership, geo-neutral pay and possible relocation pay cuts. Today’s tech executives are often as easily tripped up by grandstanding politicians… Read More


Tips and tools to improve your work-life balance. Achieve your goals, get things done and save time. Europe’s comparative success in getting workers idled by the pandemic back into the labor force. The great resignation. Singapore has one… Read More


Far from a dramatic end, pandemics gradually fade as society adjusts to living with the new disease agent and social life returns to normal. This isn’t 1830, history in perspective. Concern about the long-term consequences of the pandemic… Read More

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