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If the risk of a catastrophic accident involving nuclear weapons is greater than most people realize, the risk of a catastrophic laboratory mishap – accidental or deliberate – is far greater still. The Delta variant first appeared in… Read More


To clip the wings of tech giants are more likely to come from leadership at the FTC. Khan has immense legal prowess and is an out of the box thinker. The grocery store might be the most visible… Read More


Dit zogenaamde Google-effect op ons geheugen komt waarschijnlijk door het simpele feit dat als informatie zo makkelijk vindbaar is, dit het leren overbodig maakt. The pandemic has shaken up the present and the future of education, and one… Read More


An eight-week gap seems to be the sweet spot for tackling the Delta variant. There is limited data available on how long protection from current Covid-19 vaccine doses lasts and whether an additional booster dose would be beneficial… Read More


A tour through the past 100 years as reflected in the pages of The New York Times and compare the events of the past year to the tumult of the long 20th century. Alleen door de complexiteit van historische… Read More


If your immune system does not function well, you are at higher risk for not developing protection from vaccination. Developing serious Covid-19 after a second jab. If we are fortunate enough, we will all grow old. Failure to… Read More


Most of all, they want a commission to investigate the pandemic and make recommendations to prevent future outbreaks from causing so many deaths. I think we are at an inflection point at which many people are reconsidering the… Read More


A European company is pioneering a bloodless way for people with diabetes to monitor their glucose levels. Improved glycemia within the first two or three days of hospitalization is a better predictor of outcomes in Covid-19 patients than… Read More

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