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While obviously pleased with how the social distancing and Covid-secure protocols have been working. Masi warns that now is not the time to become complacent. There’s certainly a level of confidence. One thing that we all need to… Read More


I think this entire idea of pathogen sharing is based on power dynamics. Before sharing anything, there should be conversations about: how do we not share! Gain-of-function research involves purposefully enhancing pathogens in a lab to better understand them. De… Read More


Killer’ fish deployed to fight dengue outbreak in northern India. Fish will eat mosquito larvae and are a safer alternative to chemicals. Mosquitoes often take blood meals from more than one host species, making them an excellent vector… Read More


Age has always been one of the biggest determinants of whether someone is at risk of severe Covid-19 and that remains true even with vaccines. If your immune system does not function well, you are at higher risk… Read More


Whether it’s reviving old trends or starting new ones, TikTok is where Gen Z sets the tone for what’s cool. The climate and the biodiversity summit, which equal climate change as an existential crisis. Amazon’s strategy depends on… Read More


Barcelona street sellers take on Nike with own-brand trainers. The pandemic has been a disaster for street vendors: Top Manta says profits will help migrant vendors become legal and work for a decent wage. If Covid-19 increases tensions… Read More

Covid-19 vs Griep

RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) is usually more common in the fall, winter, and spring. But this year, infections have surged over the summer. A surge in children diagnosed with a combination of Covid-19 and respiratory syncytial virus. Griepvaccins… Read More


The reform-minded Francis hopes the upcoming trial of one of his top Cardinals will show he’s serious about cleaning up the Vatican’s finances. Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing. There is a field. I’ll meet you there…. Read More


Dit is een oproep tot open debat. Een open debat tussen experts. Een open debat over de inhoud. Een debat over de rechtvaardiging en proportionaliteit van de maatregelen. Wie is aansprakelijk als de samenleving op slot gaat vanwege… Read More

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