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This is the world’s first human DNA vaccine against Covid-19. Advantages and drawbacks of the vaccine. Companies and rich nations are creating a deadly Covid-19 vaccine protection racket. Profiteering from vaccine inequity: a crime against humanity? Herd immunity… Read More


We are keen to bring our ventilator to as many hospitals as possible to combat serious respiratory diseases worldwide. What do teeth and oral health have to do with the brain? Does it protect against degenerative diseases? Hospitals,… Read More


Malaria kills about half a million people each year, nearly all of them in sub-Saharan Africa. A global game-changer. We can arm our doctors with the Molnupiravir (oral medication) that may make a difference at the point of… Read More


Diluting the concentration of virus in the air could prevent infection. Fresh Air! Further work is required to understand the exact impact of the new coronavirus variant, C.1.2. A competitive advantage over the Delta variant? Myanmar is at risk… Read More

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