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An AI-powered dermatology assist tool that helps you understand what’s going on. Once you launch the tool, simply use your phone’s camera to take three images of the skin, hair or nail concern from different angles. The latest… Read More


Sharing of pathogen samples and associated data such as genetic sequences and epidemiological information are critical for effective public health response. Both globally and locally. I think this entire idea of pathogen sharing is based on power dynamics…. Read More


NMN is supposedly a much better form of resveratrol. It’s an NAD+ precursor and booster. As people age, they could maintain healthy levels of NAD+ by taking NMN supplements.  Wat mij echter het meeste opvalt is dat er… Read More

Vitamine K

Vitamin K2 is very much involved in activating several components in managing not only calcium but also insulin resistance.  We can base the argument that vitamin K2 should not be a problem of blood thinner users primarily on… Read More


Mogelijke hersenschade en cognitieve communicatieproblemen bij overlevenden van de Covid-19 infectie en om daarnaast mogelijke vervolgstappen te bepalen ten aanzien van diagnostiek en therapie bij deze problematiek. Omdat veel patiënten het verlies van reukzin als een van de… Read More

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