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DNA is present in the nucleus while mRNA diffuses into the cytoplasm after synthesis. Nee, je DNA verandert niet als je je laat prikken tegen corona. With freedom comes responsibility. So please exercise responsible judgment. Get vaccinated for yourself, the… Read More


The financial crisis has led to a spike in cryptocurrency usage in Lebanon, both as a means of recovering savings through speculative trading and as a way to circumvent a broken banking system. The blast overwhelmed hospitals in… Read More


Climate change is making it harder to grow good coffee. Their first cups of the lab-grown coffee, which they say tastes and smells like ordinary coffee. Italian coffee culture has a rich heritage, as the country was an early… Read More


Veel vrijwilligers storen zich aan het gebrek aan coördinatie en concrete hulp vanuit de overheid. In het huidige systeem zijn er drie kleuren: groen, oranje en rood. Voor de groene bestemmingen gelden geen beperkingen, naar de oranje zones… Read More


What do we know about Long Covid-19 amongst the vaccinated? Sadly, not much! Long Covid-19: de gevolgen voor haar zijn groot. Werken, studeren en sociaal doen op één dag kan ik niet meer. With kids and long Covid-19,… Read More

Mental Health

Why we still can’t sleep, and what to do about it. This treatment provides a life-changing validation, a route out of helplessness, a way of getting to sleep. A cure for insomnia? Depression and anxiety, young people are among… Read More


RSS Get notified every time there’s a new post on crisisdataonline.wpcomstaging.comRSS Krijg direct een melding bij elke update van crisisdataonline.wpcomstaging.com In-depth analysis of Covid-19 Impact on global Really Simple Syndication (RSS) reader market segments by types: web, pc, app, ios and android…. Read More

Fake News

This pattern and practice of misbehavior suggests that Amazon is either unwilling or unable to modify its business practices to prevent the spread of falsehoods or the sale of inappropriate products. Fake news is not novel at all…. Read More


Amazon’s strategy depends on convincing consumers to choose online services over physical locations they already use and trust. That’s a bigger leap than convincing people to try a new bookstore. On-demand delivery is growing alongside an explosion in… Read More


The key to protecting against the reproductive and sexual effects of Covid-19 is to get vaccinated. De avondklok past bij de uitzonderingstoestand die we over onszelf afroepen. Het laat zien dat het virus niet onze vijand is maar… Read More

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