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Life after lockdown: how do we best recover from the pandemic? Like a smartphone that runs a good operating system and hosts all the apps essential to life. Far from a dramatic end, pandemics gradually fade as society… Read More


World celebrates Christmas 2021. A giant sand sculpture of Santa Claus appeared on the beach at Bay of Bengal in India’s eastern Odisha state. If Covid-19 has taught us anything, it is that a whole-of-society approach is needed… Read More


Bedenk dat ook ziekenhuizen lobbyen, de fysiotherapeuten en de patiëntenorganisaties, om maar in de zorgsector te blijven. En wat dacht je van Greenpeace, Natuurmonumenten of organisaties die helpen de nieuwe corona-armoede te bestrijden. Maatschappelijk lobbyen is in het… Read More

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