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That KJU (Kim Jong Un) was not present is also a political statement. He is saying: I am open to negotiations, but under my terms – I have these great, great capabilities! The biggest danger in the post-war-on-terror… Read More


No one wants to test the strength of the debt ceiling. The brinkmanship is the kind of dance that no sane person would perform on the edge of a real cliff.  Digital currencies and stablecoins have the potential to… Read More


War Hospital is the rare historical war game focused on saving lives, not taking them. Common and cliche, not this one. Netflix is testing out its first stab at mobile gaming within its own app at no extra cost,… Read More

Election Day

Why Trump still has so many supporters at a time when the coronavirus epidemic is raging. Watching fellow Chinese intellectuals double down on their support for former U.S. President Donald Trump. But even though the 2020 election wasn’t… Read More

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