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Climate policy is shifting oil consumption. As green energy gets cheaper, oil companies could try to pump even more, so as to flood the world with cheap oil. Opec+ and decarbonization. Grid operators today are aware of solar storms… Read More


High unemployment, low financial inclusion and a pandemic have led to the popularity of a payment model that empowers the unbanked. Open banking is the next big trend. We’re moving to a point where the end consumer will… Read More


Neat! Spring cleaning tips from around the world. The devil is in the detail! I dreaded the routine arrival of what my mom and younger sister cheerfully called: Cinderella Saturdays. Mops, brooms, vacuums and a playlist for spring… Read More


An eight-week gap seems to be the sweet spot for tackling the Delta variant. There is limited data available on how long protection from current Covid-19 vaccine doses lasts and whether an additional booster dose would be beneficial… Read More


Exercise while lying down and online. The future of fitness may be sweating at home forever, an eventual return to gyms, or, most likely, a hybrid of in- and out-of-home exercise.  Yoga’s combination of physical and mental exercises has hooked practitioners around the… Read More

The New Normal

Since the Covid-19 landscape is still in flux, it’s hard to feel sure about how long the returning to the office will last. Covid-19 has killed the open-plan space. People need privacy to retreat to places where they… Read More

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