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Sweden remains steadfast in its strategy of voluntary measures and no lockdowns as the country battles a growing second wave of Covid-19. Countries need to take care before adopting the Swedish way. It could have tragic consequences for… Read More


An eight-week gap seems to be the sweet spot for tackling the Delta variant. There is limited data available on how long protection from current Covid-19 vaccine doses lasts and whether an additional booster dose would be beneficial… Read More


The idea of herd immunity is that after enough people (between 70% and 85%) have been infected or vaccinated the virus will start to subside on its own. A Rocky Road. Herd immunity is another word for mass… Read More


If your immune system does not function well, you are at higher risk for not developing protection from vaccination. Developing serious Covid-19 after a second jab. If we are fortunate enough, we will all grow old. Failure to… Read More


With lesser and lesser physical activity and the availability of most things at the tap of our smartphones, we have been witnessing an upswing in lifestyle diseases. Tja, corona hè! Both grim scenarios – military violence and Spanish… Read More

Het Nieuwe Normaal

Identiteit en cultuur! Concepten als global village en multiculturele samenleving hebben afgedaan. We identificeren ons nu met groepen gebaseerd op seksuele oriëntatie, nationale trots of religie. Een netwerk van kleine, zelfrijdende voertuigen die in staat zijn om pakketten van… Read More

Knowledge is Power

Mensen zijn dus veelal nieuwsgierig naar informatie om de onplezierige staat van onzekerheid te verminderen, en de verlossing van die onzekerheid kan je als een speciale vorm van beloning zien. Intellectual Property for fighting Covid-19 should be waived,… Read More


Face-recognition tech is coming to a store near you, if it’s not there already, and that’s sparking a new wave of opposition. EU’s rules governing how corporations manage people’s online data: company behavior, people’s expectations and knowledge of… Read More

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