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No one wants to test the strength of the debt ceiling. The brinkmanship is the kind of dance that no sane person would perform on the edge of a real cliff.  Digital currencies and stablecoins have the potential to… Read More


How does the Delta variant dodge the system? Synopsis: Airlines * Back2School * Booster Shots. * BreakThrough * Conferences * Delta variant * Delta plus * Dominant * Economics (1) * Economics (2) * Economics (3) * Haves/Have-nots… Read More


COVAX is based on the recognition that a free market system is unlikely to ensure globally equitable vaccine access during a pandemic. It risks losing health equity out of sight in favour of equity markets. The coronavirus turned… Read More


Fear of being overthrown or a pathological need for control, China is going to tilt its resources towards upgrading its real economy, and companies are invited to participate. I know what entrepreneurs needs to do most to achieve… Read More


How 9/11 unfolded for George W Bush, from the multiple prayer breaks to the anti-anthrax pills and the vow to kick ass before he knew whose ass to kick. The Doomsday Clock is now set—and properly, in my… Read More

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