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Women have been joining the gig workforce at a rapid clip during the pandemic. Gigs offer the flexibility that so many working women seek. Women and girls, besides facing serious barriers to health care and food, they also… Read More


Hospitals, drug companies, health insurers, medical device manufacturers and other health care suppliers generated record sales and profits. We are exhausted, none of us have ever faced anything like it.  We need a new paradigm in the way… Read More


Air pollution is the greatest external threat to human health on the planet. By far the greater killer than smoking, car crashes or HIV/Aids. Disasters like the earthquake that struck Haiti on Aug. 14 are caused by nature but… Read More


Contagion characterised crises such as the 9/11 attacks, with the aftermaths of conflict and migration, the 2007 financial crisis, and the Covid-19 pandemic. If one word could sum up the experience of 2020, it would be disbelief. The… Read More


CRISPR are bits of genetic code that bacteria have evolved to locate and destroy viruses. Using it as a toolbox system. Two new AI models out this week show the power of artificial intelligence to read text, write… Read More

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