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No one wants to test the strength of the debt ceiling. The brinkmanship is the kind of dance that no sane person would perform on the edge of a real cliff.  Digital currencies and stablecoins have the potential to… Read More


Enjoy summer, build up mental resistance for the likely disruptions coming this Fall. How do I approach school and child care, now? Use rapid antigen tests regularly and you break chains of transmission so that cases don’t lead… Read More


Will our vaccines for Covid-19 work against Covid-21? The good news is that B.1.1.529 is showing up in current Covid-19 tests. An inconvenient truth: the real reason why Africa is not getting vaccinated. What’s behind vaccine hesitancy in… Read More


Singapore has one of the world’s highest vaccination rates at 84% but new Covid-19 cases nonetheless recently hit a new record high. For many students, training programs or boot camps that can teach technical skills in a matter… Read More

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