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No one wants to test the strength of the debt ceiling. The brinkmanship is the kind of dance that no sane person would perform on the edge of a real cliff.  Digital currencies and stablecoins have the potential to… Read More


Today’s tech executives are often as easily tripped up by grandstanding politicians as were their auto-executive forebears. Lessons for Big Tech from Ralph Nader. NFT’s, digitale mensen en sovereign cloud. Microsoft will let consumers sign into their accounts with… Read More


These just-in-time systems only work if consumers are confident in their functioning and trust people in charge. How to control a consumer panic? England is free. Effectively leaving protection from the coronavirus to vaccinations and, er, the goddess of… Read More


Amazon’s strategy depends on convincing consumers to choose online services over physical locations they already use and trust. That’s a bigger leap than convincing people to try a new bookstore. On-demand delivery is growing alongside an explosion in… Read More

Business Model

A grocery store that integrates digital conveniences like scan-and-go shopping, where customers can skip lines by using an app to buy their items. The surprisingly big business of library E-books. Digital content gives publishers more power over prices,… Read More


Covid-19 has now killed about as many Americans as the Spanish flu pandemic did, approximately 675,000. The Biden Administration’s most significant domestic initiative so far: promoting competition in the American economy.   I don’t think you can dispute… Read More


Diets that include meat have a steep climate impact. Mimicking the taste of meat. Plant-based protein gains popularity. Het succes van deze producent van veganistische vleesvervangers was voor de voedingsmiddelenindustrie het startschot van een obsessie met één eenvoudig… Read More


De consument drinkt geen bier maar etiketten, zeggen reclamemakers. It’s the marketing, stupid! Een beetje brouwer heeft deze wijsheid als tegeltje aan de muur hangen. Er is een nieuw ondernemerschap nodig gericht op klantenbinding en interactie. Er wordt… Read More

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