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Nederland houdt rekening met twee extra prikrondes in 2022 én een derde in 2023. Zitten mensen wel op extra boosterprikken te wachten? Measles is a highly contagious disease and high rates of vaccination are required to prevent outbreaks. … Read More

Fake News

Desinformatie over het virus en de vaccins ertegen. Coronafabels en vaccinatieroddels van A tot Z. Handig voor als het hoog oploopt tijdens het kerstdiner. Machine-learning programs have achieved super-human capacity. A program with a super-human ability to stoke… Read More

The New Normal

There are strategies emotionally intelligent remote workers can use to keep themselves from fading into the woodwork and ensure that they’re not forgotten at promotion time. We have to face facts: Covid-19 may well be with us forever…. Read More

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