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The WHO and Angry Birds Friends encourage communities to stay active during Covid-19. In this genomic era, we still don’t know exactly how many genes are involved in sweat gland development and function. The FDA will add a… Read More

Mental Health

What is longing? Powerful emotional experiences and stress increase our appetite for wants (food, sex, material objects, drugs) as a way of escaping the discomfort of reality. Parents who find it difficult to stop thinking about work might… Read More


I don’t think there’s ever a point where we’re going to stop trying to educate people about getting the vaccine. Dit zogenaamde Google-effect op ons geheugen komt waarschijnlijk door het simpele feit dat als informatie zo makkelijk vindbaar… Read More


An eight-week gap seems to be the sweet spot for tackling the Delta variant. There is limited data available on how long protection from current Covid-19 vaccine doses lasts and whether an additional booster dose would be beneficial… Read More


Scientists are only just discovering the enormous impact of our gut microbiome and how it could hold the key to everything from tackling obesity to overcoming anxiety and boosting immunity. Walk into the street and ask people what… Read More


Exercise while lying down and online. The future of fitness may be sweating at home forever, an eventual return to gyms, or, most likely, a hybrid of in- and out-of-home exercise.  Yoga’s combination of physical and mental exercises has hooked practitioners around the… Read More


Reintegrating back into our post pandemic summer while also trying to cope with the repercussions and fears of the last 18 months. Joy and anxiety: the hot face emoji in action. The pandemic reoriented our conomy of attention,… Read More


Catching the Delta variant can feel more like a bad cold for younger people. But although they may not feel very ill, they could be contagious and put others at risk. Headache and runny nose. Outbreaks of the… Read More


Offering a full suite of tools to help modernize both the front-end patient experience and back-end administrative processes at small and medium-sized dentist and doctor offices. The 5G network has solved problems like video lag and remote control… Read More

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The loss of taste and smell can be an early sign that Covid-19 is affecting a brain area that helps us sense odors. It affects how they eat, it affects how they interact with other people, and it… Read More

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