Cold War

Putin and Xi, both armed with nuclear weapons and an appetite for destabilization, are authoritarians who brook no dissent. Foreign states will take advantage of unrest in the region.

Confrontation does not solve problems. Discard Cold War mentality. Protectionism and unilateralism can protect no one. The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) virtual Davos event.

What motivate Putin: it is important to understand the Russian ultimatum. The gray-zone warfare.

Most important intellectuals, composers, writers, artists, and wise-man diplomats made beauty and meaning out of a world in which the Holocaust, nuclear power, and Cold War ideology loomed large. 

The First World War was a catastrophe for European civilization. Historians understand very well how the war came about, but they have not grasped and cannot fully fathom why it did.

Polarization simply plays into the hands of a risk-tolerant autocrat. The strength of the small horse pulling a big cart. 

Just say No! That is the one power that can buckle and even break dominance.

China needs Balochistan. It’s crucial to Beijing’s Belt-and-Road Initiative. The Balochis are rebelling against Islamabad. Asia’s next headache. The world is sliding towards fascism.

A strike against Iran’s nuclear program, increased exercises and destroying Zionism in the world.

Ominous signs indicate that Russia may conduct a military offensive in Ukraine as early as the coming winter 2022. What the hell is Putin doing?

Kissinger: China and US must realise there can be no victor without destroying humanity.

China’s showed it can deliver a hypersonic nuclear weapon from space. Very close to a Sputnik moment. De logica van de koude oorlog.

A Pacific war, sparked by Taiwan, would be a bloody cataclysm, and no one would be well served by it.

Australia doesn’t have to choose. On Sep 16th, 2021 Australia effectively chose. Following years of sharply deteriorating relations with Beijing, Australia announced to deploy nuclear-powered submarines.

Cold War jargon to make China strong enough to fight against the United States, a process some have dubbed Cultural Revolution 2.0.

Democracy is not Coca-Cola, which, with the syrup produced by the United States, tastes the same across the world. Many Chinese prefer Beijing-based soda drink branded Arctic Ocean.

If Biden fails, then China can pick up the pieces. If Biden starts to deliver in any of its three areas, Beijing’s bargaining position could become weaker and the US might be unwilling to talk and compromise with a losing China.

If the Quad seeks to keep China and Russia from accomplishing their goals in Asia, they will have to play a shrewd, long game. This is Burma and it is unlike any land you know about.

In a turnaround, China is starting to lose the Covid-19 Cold War. Is the brute force of the authoritarian, centralised state no match after all for the innovative agility of a free capitalist society?

This really does have the potential to be an old-fashioned, Cold War-style face-off. Ukraine and Russia are heading to the point where the brakes come off and no one is in control.

It is a new kind of Cold War, but not one based on ideology like the first incarnation. It is a war for international legitimacy, a struggle for hearts and minds and money in the very large part of the world not aligned to the US or the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

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