Friday, February 3, 2023

The rest of the world would welcome a future in which they are not forced to make binary choices between Beijing and Washington.

North Korea is dramatically escalating tensions. Exploiting the Ukraine crisis.

On the eve of the 1972 Shanghai Communique the US and China faced many challenges. The situation was similar to the present. Going back is necessary

Ukraine will strengthen his chance of staying in power in Russia, which for Putin is always paramount. Pathetic, armed and dangerous: marry me or I’ll kill you.

The position that Turkey will take in the confrontation between Russia, the NATO alliance and the United States is more vital than ever.

Activism will be key to overcoming the Covid-19 crisis. What do leaders need to do how do we make them do it? Will require a citizens movement.

The Taliban’s victory did not happen overnight. The result of a two-decade-long insurgency. How its takeover is inspiring other Jihadis. When terrorists govern.

The new Caesarism: destroying a liberal democracy. Deterrence can only work if the threat is believed to be credible. Risk reduction and operational de-confliction.

The Balkans suffer from what could be best descri.bed as the paradox of insufficient instability.

The moment of Europe’s expansion throughout the world and the projection of a model of the liberal state that would lead to modernity, a development unprecedented in human history.

If the 20th century was the story of slow, uneven progress toward the victory of liberal democracy. The 21st century is, so far, a story of the reverse. Autocracy is winning. Temptations of Tyranny. A new type of War?

Modern authoritarians understand the subversive power of liberal ideas.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi on Saturday called on world leaders to uphold multilateralism and do all they can to overcome differences. From words to action.

The world according to Vladimir Putin: the law in favor of conservatism. The woke West is in decline.

Biden is unlikely to overreach in the Middle East. But as Kissinger could tell him, it would also be a mistake for him to turn his back on it.

That KJU (Kim Jong Un) was not present is also a political statement. He is saying: I am open to negotiations, but under my terms – I have these great, great capabilities!

The biggest danger in the post-war-on-terror world is not the prospect of a resurgence of terrorism but a weakening of defenses and a lack of interest in diplomacy

Democracy and the increased control over the internet within their jurisdictions, creating a kind of splinternet. Three fundamental questions.

Chinese diplomats have been careful to stress that Russia and China have a convergence and balance of interests in Central Asia.

Just Hierarchy is a starting point meant to stimulate the effort to distinguish between good and bad social hierarchies so that we can promote the former and stamp out the latter in pursuit of a more just world.

The ongoing goof-up around European Union’s prized vaccine certificates which do not recognize some WHO-approved vaccines, has brought back to life memories on governmental dysfunctions.

If the politicians try to manage implementation too closely, either by specifying overly detailed procedural rules, or by arbitrarily interfering in bureaucratic decisions, government will be inefficient, arbitrary, or chaotic.

What’s more, in the navel-gazing Brussels bubble, this is not only an occasion for a sigh of relief but a vindication of the EU’s overarching culture of historic optimism.

A fateful encounter occurred between two young ping-pong players, that helped break the ice. Chinese intellectuals have been branded traitors, reflecting rising nationalistic sentiment in China.

 If you don’t invest in young leaders in a sustainable way, you may end up where we are in 2021 with a decline in trust and an increasing isolation.

 We have this unique role to play in the regional processes because we are united and we are neutral. And the moment we become partisan or disunited, we lose that role. Power play amid US-China tensions.

For the first time in human history, humanity has the capacity to extinguish itself in a finite period of time.

Protect and nurture the institutions, otherwise, we’ll be living in a world in which conflicts can arise unexpectedly and unintentionally, without us having the appropriate resolution mechanisms. Retreat from multilateralism is world’s biggest threat.

Voor China is Europa een wingewest. Rusland probeert het te ontwrichten. Wordt Europa een speeltuin voor anderen of blijft het een speler in de wereld? Het laatste! Europa is veel sterker dan we denken.

Cash. That’s basically because the Chinese are energy poor and the Russians are cash poor. It’s a strictly mercantile, commercial relationship. Ideologically, there’s nothing there.

Europe can draw from an extraordinary shared history, achievements, people, stories, highs, lows, memories, lessons, strengths, and hope. But so long as European politicians are afraid of tapping this, the EU will keep us waiting for those € 1,000 checks of helicopter money.

 I look forward to a wide open discussion on a range of things that impact high tech America and national security, and we will spend a lot of time talking about China and the Chinese Communist Party, I am sure.

The China-Iran pact is a game-changer. The West Asian region is all about geopolitics, starting from oil and jihad to petrodollar. 

China and the United States should strengthen crisis management, deepen and refine the function of various policy mechanisms, and communicate directly on the strategic issues of greatest concern to each other.

We make decisions all the time which affect our personal lives, but what about the decisions which affect the lives of many others? How do you decide?

If populist movements have proved anything, it’s their remarkable staying power, even after their leaders have been removed from power, democratically or otherwise. What, then, of Trumpism

It is true China and the West have different political systems and ideologies. But the diversity of human society is eternal and inclusiveness will occupy the prominent position of common human values for a long time. 

G7 Leaders’ statement, 19 February 2021. Their priorities gained traction on social media. Let’s do some fact-checking in 2021!

01. – Build Back Better
02. – 2021 a turning point for Multilateralism
03. – Promotes the health and prosperity of our people and planet
04. – Working with and strengthen the WHO
05. – Improve Covid-19 information sharing
06. – Reaffirming our support for all pillars of ACT-A
07 .- Bolster the “One Health” approach
08 .- Reaffirming our support to the most vulnerable countries
09. – Climate change and the reversal of biodiversity loss
10. – Path to net zero no later than 2050
11. – Levelling up economies
12. – Open economies and societies
13. – Harness the digital economy with data free flow with trust
14. – Beneficial global economic system for all people
15. – Concrete action at the G7 Summit in the United Kingdom in June 2021
16. – Hold the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020

For a balance of power strategy to work in the Persian Gulf, it must be like all the other successful balances of power throughout human history. It cannot be purely military.

The goal is pretty straightforward: keep America’s most violent citizens as politically active as possible. This time around the Russian effort will focus on keeping Trumpism alive.

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