Tahiti’s biggest dance competition had to be held online due to the pandemic. It is more than a discipline, it’s a way of life.

They expect a promised land of free inquiry very different from the repressive government regimes that they may have left behind.

DNA is present in the nucleus while mRNA diffuses into the cytoplasm after synthesis. Nee, je DNA verandert niet als je je laat prikken tegen corona.

With freedom comes responsibility. So please exercise responsible judgment. Get vaccinated for yourself, the people you love, for your country.

Time for social justice. Billionaires are everywhere in magazines and it’s time for them to appear in tax statistics.

Evidence suggests we may not be so unique as we see ourselves. Wow! 2.0. But this time from a different place altogether.

And the new era ushered in by Covid-19 has done so as well, revealing the salience of resilient power: a country’s capacity to absorb systemic shocks, adapt to these disruptions, and quickly bounce back from them.

Maar de coronacrisis doet zeker een appèl op hun uithoudingsvermogen. Dan is de vraag: hoe groot is hun veerkracht.

Hospitals owned by private equity firms rake in almost 30% more income than hospitals that aren’t. Private equity is gobbling up more and more of the health care industry. Investors are buying up physicians’ practices, hospitals and the firms that negotiate prices with insurers. This is just one slice of the market forces driving up the cost of care.

The rise in public debt, and so the supply of safe assets, will this time be both quicker and larger. The good news is that the Covid-19 recession will almost certainly increase the supply of safe assets in the immediate future

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