Wednesday, December 7, 2022

The Heat is also jeopardising India’s wheat exports, affecting the availability of wheat from Europe’s breadbasket. Crucial for global supply because Russia’s war in Ukraine.

The Quad sees India’s security concerns not only as legitimate, and want to help to reduce its dependence on Russian arms and technology.

I made the choice to reveal my caste identity after I was inspired by many Dalit handles. I wanted to reclaim the space that has been denied to us for so long.

Medical crowdfunding has become essential in India, but it’s leaving many behind

It helps us weave together the Indian government’s recently stated positions on intellectual property protection and what appears to be India’s conflicted position on the TRIPS waiver.

Every government should realise and internalise that the only way to flatten and bend the Covid-19 curve is to ensure that truth is never a casualty. Transparancy!

The benefits of proning, and how it can save lives at a time when liquid oxygen supply and shortage has emerged as one of the major flashpoints between states and the central government

A solution is collaboration among experts from different fields, from medical professionals to journalists and data scientists. It’s a societal issue and has to be solved together. Nobody has to be a superhero.

In what marks a major shift in policy in 16 years, India has now started accepting gifts, donations and aid from foreign nations as the country reels under a massive shortage of oxygen, drugs and related equipment.

If India’s second wave is not brought under control, quickly, its mutants will spread to the world, the US included. It is a simple biological fact that the pandemic is not over for anyone until it’s over for everyone.

The sheer strains facing the health system in India and the resultant calamity facing its population is an unfolding tragedy of epic proportions. The quagmire for COVAX.

Nicknamed the ‘pharmacy of the world‘ even before the pandemic, India produced 60% of vaccines globally.

Rich countries such as the UK, the US, and those of the EU and rich organisations such as Covax should have used their funding of western pharmaceutical companies to nip vaccine monopolies in the bud.

Vaccine diplomacy, as well as vaccine nationalism, are likely to continue rising in 2021 as immunisation programs get underway globally.

Modi’s restrictions sent migrant workers fleeing. To get them home, the government offered special trains. But the trains would spread the virus across the country.

Huge study of coronavirus cases in India offers some surprises to scientists.

India’s troubles, though, require a surge of technocratic retooling. The April-June plunge wasn’t just the biggest since New Delhi started publishing quarterly figures in 1996. It was easily as bad, or worse, than many of the world’s major economies.

Meanwhile, the 476-odd members of the nomadic Jarawa tribe, who live in a vast forest reserve between the south and middle Andamans, have been already moved and isolated to the farthest part of the jungle after the outbreak of the contagion.

India’s ratio of infections to recorded cases seems particularly high—at least 20:1, judging from recent serological surveys in Delhi and Mumbai. However, mortality appears to be relatively low (as low as 1 per thousand).

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