Wednesday, March 29, 2023

The global semiconductor industry pivotal to technological innovations and armed conflicts. Why Taiwan is not the next Ukraine. U.S. threatens Russia with a chip blockade

Long left out in the cold, Taiwan is ready to be a global force for good.

It all comes down to government clarity and transparency. You have to let the people know what the government is trying to do.

Inoculating people from misinformation and tackling the infodemic are key to fighting the coronavirus. A strategy of developing a nerd immunity.

The Covid-19 pandemic is proof that cooperation for and with all health care systems in the world is necessary.

Taiwan also invested in fact-checking startups and enlisted comedians to craft lighthearted responses to Covid-19 disinformation and consumer misbehavior.

In an 45-minute conversation, Stefaan and Audrey spoke on a variety of issues, including Taiwan’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Taiwan’s application of data collaboration, the real and potential value of emerging technologies, the need to engage the public on data use, and ways to develop digital skills.

Nog voordat de Covid-19-uitbraak in een crisis kon uitmonden, had Taiwan het coronavirus al onder controle. De aanpak van het dichtbevolkte eiland met bijna 24 miljoen inwoners wordt nu geprezen. Wantrouwen jegens China en technologie speelden een grote rol in de succesvolle Taiwanese aanpak.

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