Wednesday, March 29, 2023

The first bet is that the gaming industry will transform into a set of competing walled gardens. The second is that the Microsoft Activision deal doesn’t go through.

It make sense for people to manage their own risk as if we are on the verge of endemicity, but someone has to be taking centralised preparatory actions in case the pandemic is not actually over.

A new computer game called New World – already a smash hit – that has captivated the PC gaming world.

War Hospital is the rare historical war game focused on saving lives, not taking them. Common and cliche, not this one.

Netflix is testing out its first stab at mobile gaming within its own app at no extra cost, bringing two pre-existing Stranger Things games to its Android app.

Garena has announced a collaboration with Formula 1 team, McLaren Racing, and Free Fire, the world’s most downloaded mobile game in 2019 and 2020.

Nintendo rarely lets other companies work with its characters, making its continued partnerships with Ubisoft a rare sign of trust. The Mario + Rabbids‘ sequel.

Among university students, video games are utterly pervasive. When I ask my classes who consumes video game content, either as a player or via streaming services like Twitch, it’s rare that a single student’s hand is not raised.

Much as some PC and console gamers may grumble, mobile gaming exerts a gravitational pull that is tugging the rest of the gaming industry toward it. Mobile is the ultimate driver of reach.

Leading disease outbreak experts have come together to show gamers everywhere how to spot and stop a pandemic. The Cure: a virus guide.

New Horizons came out a year ago, and since then it’s felt like a bright spot in a very bad year marked by a pandemic, protests against systemic racism and police brutality and a world that felt like it was on fire.

If 2019 was the year that parents got serious about screen time limits, 2020 was the year those limits went out the window.

Online game promotes the use of masks among young people. It contains integrated content on proper wearing of masks, based on WHO guidance.

With more people staying home as authorities put extensive social distancing measures in place to stem the spread of the global coronavirus outbreak, recently released video games have seen spikes in uptake.

On September 7th, Dutch Games Association will hold its annual General Assembly. Due to the outbreak of Covid-19 and the consequences, the board has decided to make use of the temporary legal provisions to allow the General Assembly to take place online and to postpone it to a more suitable time later in the year.

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