Wednesday, March 29, 2023

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics opening ceremony is hosted by the biggest name in Chinese cinema: Zhang Yimou.

What-the-actual-fuck-is-this oddity of My Son, a film you’ll most likely not have heard of. Why would this thriller be treated like toxic waste? A bizarre new low for pandemic cinema.

Jean-Paul Belmondo: faire la tête. A goofy silent scream, then a panto grin. Isn’t this what acting is, what life is: tragedy, comedy, faces, speeches? Who cares?

The Cannes film festival quickly rediscovered its heady mix of glamour, politics and controversy, with the added shock of stars kissing without masks.

In the best of times, we civilians are unlikely to have a clear sense of what to expect from our leaders and government agencies. Rewatching Contagion.

Oscar nominations arrive Monday, and you can feel the anticipation of finding out how many streaming service(s) you’ll need to subscribe to in the next month in order to watch all the movies up for best picture.

IFFR 2021 will be a hybrid festival that is adapted to the current corona situation, but still offers a daring and exciting program for Dutch and international audiences and professionals.

Box office revenue in the Chinese mainland topped 20.417 billion yuan ($ 3.1 billion) in 2020, surpassing that of North America ($ 2.1 billion) to become the world’s largest movie market.

And while the repercussions for the entertainment industry may seem to pale in comparison to the clear threat the virus poses to human life, the ripple effects do have implications for the people around the world who make a living producing and distributing movies, music, and more.

The latest sign that we are living in the worst timeline is a horror movie come to life in West Virginia. It appears that a parasitic fungus has taken control of cicadas in the region and is using them to attack and infect other insects.

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