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Parents should protect their children against online risks such as online grooming, sexting and pornography. Risks and benefits of the digital world.

Enjoy summer, build up mental resistance for the likely disruptions coming this Fall. How do I approach school and child care, now?

Use rapid antigen tests regularly and you break chains of transmission so that cases don’t lead to outbreaks that shut schools down.

Using cola to create false positive Covid-19 tests. How does it work?

Even though many breathed a sigh of relief when their children finally returned to school, the insight parents have gained has been invaluable. This genie is not going back in the bottle.

Schools bet on pool testing to keep classrooms safe.

De organisatie en de manier van denken in het onderwijs hebben grote invloed op hoe de maatschappij zich ontwikkelt.

Chegg offers other services students find useful, including tools to create bibliographies, solve math problems and improve writing. But the main revenue driver, and the reason students subscribe, is Chegg Study.

Docenten missen de interactie, kinderen haken af omdat ze de concentratie niet kunnen opbrengen, ouders maken zich zorgen over de gevolgen voor de cognitieve en sociale ontwikkeling van hun kinderen. Hybride onderwijs, een uitdaging van jewelste!

While more students are back in schools and educators having more experience with remote instruction, the collective shock we are experiencing is ongoing. We need to understand how recovery and growth unfold amid an ongoing pandemic.

Online schooling is taking a toll on children’s privacy rules and rights, as the whole experiment depends on teachers who aren’t necessarily trained in technology and student privacy and aren’t always using software that has been vetted and determined to be secure.

As Boris Johnson told children, that exam results had almost been derailed by a mutant algorithm, eyes turned to the bookshelves behind him, lined with titles like The Twits, Betrayed and The Subtle Knife.

Masks, class sizes and hygiene are important, but low community spread is key.

Het opheffen en weer invoeren van maatregelen is slecht voor het vertrouwen en heeft nog veel meer negatieve effecten dan het niveau van de maatregelen voor langere tijd gelijk houden. Het openen en sluiten van scholen zou bijvoorbeeld rampzalig zijn.

Cuomo did acknowledge that the decision to allow children to return to school will ultimately be a personal one for parents as the pandemic continues.

A major recommendation is to create groups of 10 to 15 students who stay together in classrooms, at recess and lunchtime, with teachers assigned to only one group. Each group has minimal contact with other groups, limiting any spread of infection. And if a case of Covid-19 emerges, one group can be quarantined at home while others can continue at school.

Children, thankfully, still aren’t getting severe coronavirus infections as often as adults do. The bigger question around reopening schools has been whether they become conduits for the virus’ spread among adults.

Op deze pagina vindt u meer informatie over de gevolgen voor (gast)ouders, kinderopvangorganisaties, scholieren en het onderwijs door de uitbraak van het coronavirus.

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to the largest disruption of education ever. One billion students were left without classrooms when schools were closed in 160 countries across the globe and 40 million children missed out on education in their critical pre-school year.

This involves the safety of young children and their parents, not to mention older educators and staff, and comes at the same time as many of the parents are out of work.

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