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The Prado in Madrid to fill their nostrils with the scents that suffuse Brueghel’s 1617-18 painting The Sense of Smell . A pallette of odours.

It’s who we are and how to fit into society. It’s about identity. Whether emperor, actor, activist or everyday person on the street. Portraiture will never cease to command our attention.

Je kunt zeggen dat het werk van Vincent van Gogh juist geliefd is omdat hij zijn eigen kwetsbaarheid omzette in kracht.

CryptoPunks have gained huge admiration as early players in the NFT space, helping pioneer the kind of digital, scarce goods (Mona Lisa) that buyers all over the world are clamoring for..

De kracht van cultuur om het leven zin, waarde, duiding en plezier te geven is sinds tijden niet zo duidelijk geweest. Zowel intrinsiek en maatschappelijk.

Without the limitations of a physical location, access to a museum is possible to anyone with an internet connection. A truly communal experience where the voices of the visitors can be added to the conversation.

Museums were once homes for the gods. As the world reopens consider visiting your local museum and investing in your community’s spiritual savings bank.

The first exhibition on the Dutch slave trade to be shown at the Rijksmuseum, launched by King Willem-Alexander.

The celebrated artist’s sister-in-law is finally being hailed as the person who brought his art to the world. Without Jo there would have been no Vincent van Gogh. If that virus comes into your life, it never goes away.

Napoleon’s bicentennial under shadow of Covid-19 and contention.

This involves trying to get inside the heads of others. It’s a radical idea that envisions the mind as a sponge or, perhaps, a social media channel. A kaleidoscope gifted with consciousness: The Flâneur.

Rows of individual handcrafted red felt roses are being displayed against a black- and grey-toned mural. People who have made and mailed roses said the process brought them a feeling of calm and peace.

A fragment of a gold mask found found in the prehistoric Sanxingdui Ruins has surprised the archaeologists with its larger size compared to previous archaeological findings.

So I basically use these patterns to interpret whatever message I am trying to pass across because I believe art is a tool to start conversations and shed light on important issues. 

Selling art from the collection to pay the bills is tantamount to eating the seed corn. A museum’s collection is the reason it exists.

Devastated by Covid-19 the arts has shut down everything. Elected leaders say restoring beauty in public places will benefit artists and viewers alike.

We try to tell intersectional, compelling, complicated stories of our past so that we can create a better future together.

Eighty-eight rarely seen drawings of Dante’s The Divine Comedy have been put on virtual display as Italy begins a year-long calendar of events to mark the 700th anniversary of the poet’s death.

A glimpse into the hidden secrets of the traditional martial art. It reveals how ancient wisdom can be used to handle strategic challenges people face today.

The owner of an art museum in Amsterdam who sold a prized Banksy painting for £1.5m to avoid laying off staff during the coronavirus pandemic.

Organized around transformational moments in the evolution of the Museum’s collection, the exhibition reveals the visionary figures and cultural forces that propelled The Met in new directions since its founding.

The Louvre is offering time close-up with the Mona Lisa and a walk along the French museum’s historic rooftop at an auction to help plug a gaping hole in its finances.

Culturally and intellectually, the arts, concerts, films and literary output that we rely on to enhance our lives are dampened or depressed by pandemic strictures.

During this pandemic we have the responsibility to create space for art dialogue and meetings, allowing people to interact with one another. Everyone is isolated, so we’ve agreed to have a digital transformation.

After months of lockdowns and disruption to the social calendar, practical hobbies such as DIY, crafts, art and baking have recently experienced a renaissance.

Artist and activist Ai Weiwei will talk to the Guardian about his new documentary, Coronation.

The improbable feat owes much to the deep pockets of Chinese backers, but also to the ingenuity of its cast. Yes, performing arts will have to adapt. The show must go on!

While nothing can replace the intense experience of a live orchestral concert, or the unique encounter with art in museums and galleries, thanks to the increasingly available digital platforms, art is just a click away. And there is much evidence to show that art and culture contribute to our wellbeing, serenity, inspiration, intellectual stimulation and resilience in facing challenges.

Maar nu al is duidelijk dat de kunstmarkt zichzelf als gevolg van de coronacrisis definitief opnieuw aan het uitvinden is.


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