Wednesday, March 29, 2023

The power of caffeine to help us power through our annual spring cleaning and support our active lifestyles.

Climate change is making it harder to grow good coffee. Their first cups of the lab-grown coffee, which they say tastes and smells like ordinary coffee.

Italian coffee culture has a rich heritage, as the country was an early coffee importer and the birthplace of espresso. The third wave coffee culture.

Floridians will be allowed to pick up their margaritas to go indefinitely. The once-temporary pandemic measure of carry-out alcohol orders now a permanent option for the state’s restaurants.

A recent article in the British medical journal BMJ encourages medical practitioners to employ coffee as a diagnostic tool.

Het bedrijf constateert dat de maatregelen van overheden wereldwijd om de coronavirusuitbraak onder controle te krijgen hebben gezorgd voor een verschuiving in koffieconsumptie. Er werd 63 procent meer koffie verkocht via internet, te danken aan mensen die thuiswerken. Kantoorpersoneel dat ineens vanuit de eigen studeerkamer werkt, kocht niet alleen meer, maar ook luxere koffie.

We expect some changes to be short term in nature, but many changes may stick for the medium and long-term. We believe the closure of independent coffee shops and struggles of foodservice/office coffee could reshape the out-of-home coffee landscape. New habits being formed at home around e-commerce and whole bean coffee might reflect a new normal post Covid-19.

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