Internet of Things

Cloud computing and artificial intelligence making human-computer interactions through virtual reality and augmented reality practically seamless. Metaverse: the merger of our digital and real lives.

3D printing’s next act: big metal objects like planes and cars, reducing the cost and carbon footprint of mass manufacturing.

Making internet access an essential utility like electricity or clean water. Satellite hopes meet internet reality.

3D-printed homes think they can take on multiple challenges: the affordable housing crisis, the shortage of skilled labor and rising material costs.

Bots that can perform a growing number of often tedious and time-consuming tasks in an increasingly online business world.

Speed tests are useful to remote workers who might need to figure out whether a poor connection is due to the ISP or something else, such as the home router or an internet routing issue. Best internet speed test 2021.

The idea is that each person could control his or her own data. Personal online data stores (PODS), are a key technical ingredient to achieve that goal.

De komende jaren worden immers allerlei dagelijkse zaken continu verbonden met het internet: auto’s, landbouw, zorg, robots, maar ook huishoudelijke apparaten. Elke Nederlander moet dan altijd over snel vast en mobiel internet beschikken. Het Internet of Things!

IoT is the internet-connected device that enables an employee work from home, the remote-controlled robot manufacturing car parts, the traffic light sensor optimizing the ambulance route. IoT keeps us healthy, safe and connected. It can accelerate social mobility, minimize air pollution, and increase business efficiency.

Spanje wil het voortouw blijven nemen bij de invoering van de 5G-technologie in Europa en wil hiermee economische productiviteit, sociale vooruitgang en territoriale ordening blijven stimuleren.

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