Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Sacked for being vaxxed: Church defends decision to terminate worker who got Covid-19 jab.

Congregants will be allowed to sing during worship services, but only for up to a total of 30 minutes and without removing their masks.

This is about taking those measures to protect people from this virus and no more so than when we come together as a community indoors right now that puts people at risk.

Authorities say a recent surge in cases traced to Sarang Jeil, an ultra-conservative church in Seoul, have contributed to an outbreak that is affecting major cities across the country.

Communal singing is a common aspect of worship across religions, particularly in Christian denominations. But as churches in Germany have reopened with social distancing, singing remains banned due to the fear it could cause infected droplets from people’s mouths to remain in the air for longer and travel further.

Suddenly, technology wasn’t just part of the game plan; it became the game plan to keep connection within the church body. Among churches that adopted new connection-focused technology tools, how have they spread the word about them during the coronavirus pandemic?

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