How does it dodge the system? Synopsis:

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What does the Zero Covid-19 policy look like on the ground? Strict lockdowns, extensive testing, robust contact tracing systems and quarantine mandates.

The rising number of cases of Covid-19 in Europe is of grave concern and the region could see another half a million deaths by February 2022. Back at the epicenter of the pandemic.

Major deficiencies in the machinery of government, not sharing vital information, a lack of transparency and no input from international experts. Public health failures.

How the risk of Covid-19 for kids compares to others dangers. Children are at much lower risk of Covid-19 than adults. But what does that actually mean?

The stories of vaccinated people with breakthrough cases, which are increasingly making news. Should you still get vaccinated if you’ve already had the disease.

The Rorotan gravesite outside of Jakarta underscores both the heroism of frontline workers and scale of the pandemic’s tragedy.

Voor het eerst combineren nanobodies extreme stabiliteit en maximale werkzaamheid tegen het virus en zijn alfa-, bèta-, gamma- en delta-varianten.

If the risk of a catastrophic accident involving nuclear weapons is greater than most people realize, the risk of a catastrophic laboratory mishap – accidental or deliberate – is far greater still.

The Delta variant first appeared in October and is now the most common variant in India. It has emerged as a fast-growing virus, outpacing other variants of concern.

The WHO will use Greek letters to refer to variants. The UK variant for instance is labelled as Alpha, the South African Beta, and the Indian as Delta.

The end of the Covid-19 pandemic may come with a horrible form of herd immunity, as more transmissible variants that are taking hold around the world kill millions.

A group of high-profile scientists published a letter calling for renewed investigation into the origins of Covid-19, including the theory that it spilled out of a virology lab.

The coronavirus can spread through the air. Cleaner indoor air won’t just fight the pandemic, it will minimize the risk of catching flu and other respiratory infections. Covid-19 has redefined airborne transmission.

What are these mutations, what do they do, and what do they mean for the pandemic?

Dit document vormt een naslagwerk voor deelnemers aan de training COVID-19 coach. Een samenwerkingsverband van VVT/GZ/GGZ,
zorgkantoor Friesland en GGD Friesland.

Quality of life in the COVID-19 outbreak: influence of psychological distress, government strategies, social distancing, and emotional recovery.

The key to a magic trick is to point at something that’s unimportant in order to distract you from what’s important.

We are writing cheques that we cannot cash as a civilisation and they’re going to bounce. My fear is that our children are going to pay that price.

Covid-19 has exposed global deficiencies in the response to dangerous infectious diseases and the international system will need to be strengthened.

Covid-19 will have brought not only tragedy but also salvation, by finally setting the world’s peoples onto a sustainable course.

The idea was borne of my endless lament that global news coverage has disappeared. If you’ve been reading what I have to say about this (The Cosmopolitan Globalist) for a while: What we know, What we do.

Al binnen enkele maanden was het algoritme, dat kan inschatten of iemand covid-19 heeft klaar voor de markt.

This series of articles examines the missteps, misunderstandings and missed warning signals that allowed Covid-19 to spread around the world.

Covid-19 cases surge around the world amid fears the worst is yet to come.

If we don’t know the source then we’re equally vulnerable in the future to a similar outbreak!

Around the World in 24 hours: a snapshot of global havoc. They called it Covid-19: Chasing the Sun.

Covid-19 maalt daar allemaal niet om en gaat lustig door met verspreiden, besmetten, muteren. In feite is het een erg ongelijke strijd, waarbij alle voordelen bij dat virus liggen.

The coronavirus pandemic and climate change are proof that many threats in global health respect no boundaries.

It’s hard to imagine a more extraordinary illustration of how much we usually take accurate, systematically gathered numbers for granted. The case of Covid-19 reminds us how desperate the situation can become when the statistics simply aren’t there.

During the Covid-19 pandemic countries in South and South‐East Asia and Latin America are faced with the prospect of a second epidemic: dengue.

In this way, the long-term outlook for Covid-19 might offer some hope for a return to normal. I think this virus is with us to the future. But so is influenza with us, and for the most part, flu doesn’t shut down our societies. We manage it.

A new sovereign – a virus with a crown – has revealed two contrasting realms of the sacred during its own state of emergency.

Although the lungs are ground zero, its reach can extend to many organs including the heart and blood vessels, kidneys, gut, and brain.

The coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic, due to the novel severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), has caused a worldwide sudden and substantial increase in hospitalizations for pneumonia with multiorgan disease. This review discusses current evidence regarding the pathophysiology, transmission, diagnosis, and management of Covid-19.

Door de publiciteit rondom de toename aan positieve testen is er bij een groot aantal mensen opnieuw angst ontstaan voor besmetting, met als gevolg stress over de beperking van vrijheden, gezondheid van ouderen, en economische en sociale implicaties. Door de getallen in perspectief te plaatsen beoog ik meer inzicht te geven.

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