Tuesday, March 28, 2023

But whenever risk compensation has been subjected to empirical scrutiny, the results are usually ambiguous, or the hypothesis fails spectacularly.

The experience of cities suggests that successful reopening requires a conservative, staged approach, beginning at virus levels near zero, coupled with many safety measures for public transport. Reopening cities after Covid-19.

Deze Mobiliteitsrapporten zijn bedoeld om inzicht te bieden in hoe mensen hun gedrag hebben veranderd naar aanleiding van het beleid om de coronacrisis onder controle te krijgen. In de rapporten worden bewegingstrends in de loop van de tijd bijgehouden per geografische locatie, voor verschillende plaatscategorieën zoals detailhandel en recreatie, supermarkten en apotheken, parken, ov-stations, en werk- en woonlocaties.

Our goal is to provide daily updates to decision-makers at the state and local levels on how well social distancing interventions are working, using anonymized, aggregated data sets from mobile devices, along with analytic support for interpretation.

General checklist for public and private passenger carriers, transit,
and intercity passenger rail. Covid-19 employer playbook for a safe reopening.

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