Sweden remains steadfast in its strategy of voluntary measures and no lockdowns as the country battles a growing second wave of Covid-19.

Countries need to take care before adopting the Swedish way. It could have tragic consequences for this pandemic or the next.

De trend in Zweden lijkt duidelijk: de hoeveelheid coronabesmettingen die er elke dag bij komen neemt af, waar die in Nederland juist toeneemt. Toch is er kritiek en doen alsof het nu allemaal de goede kant op gaat kan later misschien naïef blijken.

Given the data, it’s perhaps not surprising that Sweden’s neighbors are cautious about the reopening of borders and lifting of travel restrictions, although essential travel, such as for work, has continued between the countries throughout lockdown, albeit at a lower level. 

We found that if you have a mild case you can be negative for antibodies afterwards, in those almost all of them had strong T-cell activity. This study says that there are cases that you can have a strong T-cell response even though you have not had antibodies, meaning that you have encountered the virus and built up immunity.

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