Meaning of Life

People realize that material betterment is no longer the single most important source of meaning in life.

Mensen zijn rationele wezens, maar in het proosten zit iets magisch. Proosten, het glas klinken en liederen zingen.

Om een affectief en moreel leven te ontwikkelen, moeten we opgroeien in een concrete gemeenschap, die ons toont dat de wereld toewijdingswaard is. Vandaar: geen menselijkheid of zingeving zonder sociale groep. Tradities wijzen de weg naar wat we kunnen worden.

Those are spiritual things that people took in as part of holistic healing. He ties in cultural teachings, storytelling and interactive art and music demonstrations.

Every night at bedtime, millions of children – pyjamas on, teeth reluctantly brushed – curl up to read or listen to a Donaldson story. The nicest thing is that I hope that I’m part of a chain, and that some of those children will write.

In 1381, the rural poor of England rose up in the so-called Peasants’ Revolt, killing, looting and burning. They did so because their lives had become unlivable since the Black Death first came ashore 33 years earlier. And the elites had done nothing in that time to make things better.

Shall we put an end to the human race; or shall mankind renounce war? For most people in many countries, war seems a reduced and peripheral concern. Then came coronavirus.

U schrijft dat iedere crisis een kans biedt om een persoonlijke dan wel ­collectieve groei door te gaan maken of om tot verdiept inzicht te komen. Wat is wijsheid!

By implying that our physical needs are more basic and essential than our emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs, it trivializes the devastating mental health effects of this pandemic. Rise to the occasion!

One can find a greater appreciation of life and a deeper sense of spirituality during this crisis, if one is willing to change.

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