Wednesday, December 7, 2022

AI-based security systems and cameras to help people keep a closer eye on their vehicles and the property they carry inside them.

Predictions 2022: space travel, mRNA, crypto, inflation, the great resignation, EVs and the metaverse.

The future of HR leadership, geo-neutral pay and possible relocation pay cuts.

Today’s tech executives are often as easily tripped up by grandstanding politicians as were their auto-executive forebears. Lessons for Big Tech from Ralph Nader. NFT’s, digitale mensen en sovereign cloud.

Microsoft will let consumers sign into their accounts with Windows Hello: a security key, or an SMS / email verification code instead of a password.

Tickets were once mementos — physical items soaked in memories and nostalgia.They are now barcodes on our phones. Farewell, paper tickets.

Defending the US (and the world) against cyberattacks and cybercrime is too big a problem for either government or industry to solve on their own.

Similar trends that challenge existing rules, including cryptocurrency and the gig economy. Lookalike tech policies in China, Europe and the U.S.

The whole mRNA platform is how to make sure the mRNA molecule will go into your cells and give the instructions.

The eight technologies are autonomous driving, digital city operations, machine translation, biological computing, deep learning frameworks, knowledge management, AI chips and personal intelligent assistants.

To clip the wings of tech giants are more likely to come from leadership at the FTC. Khan has immense legal prowess and is an out of the box thinker.

The grocery store might be the most visible place to see the ripple effects of technological changes on consumers, companies and workers.

A lot of stuff that people say online isn’t necessarily true or untrue. We want room for the messy middle. The superspreaders: misinformation again and again.

As the world continues to shift to online shopping there are going to be many billions of dollars to go around. Ads are over; buy buttons are coming.

Via de cursus (zie links) leert men op welke valkuilen men moet letten en op welke manier kunstmatige intelligentie (AI) hun leven makkelijker kan maken. Daarnaast laten we ze zien hoezeer AI eigenlijk al aanwezig is hun leven.

Most people need toilet paper and computer chips every day, and yet we rarely think about either of them.

The pandemic has made the tech giants and their bosses unfathomably rich. How did this happen?

Through swipes and clicks, the array of face filters enable them to adjust their own image, and even sift through different identities, with new ease and flexibility.

Moore’s Law for everything should be the rallying cry of a generation whose members can’t afford what they want. It sounds utopian, but it’s something technology can deliver.

It’s been a long, awful year and let’s hope that the next 12 months (2021) will be brighter. And also let us hold in our minds that people, not technology, change the world. The virtual pandemic!

The AI model predicted risk of death at different stages: at diagnosis, at hospital admission, and at Intensive Care Unit (ICU) admission.

it was clear that vaccines would eventually arrive and that technology infrastructure would be needed for mass distribution. But local jurisdictions were preoccupied with contact tracing and securing personal protective equipment — two other areas where tech solutions fell short

China’s system of internet control is a combination of blocking just about any foreign website you can think of and providing an information environment that reinforces what they say about the world.

The paradox that the internet is a global system but law is territorial has traditionally been a way of stopping conversations about how to get the technology under democratic control.

You need to be very mindful of who ultimately controls regulations, who controls licensing, of who’s in charge. Jack Ma has become a case study.

Festivals of concerten bijvoorbeeld. Mensen zijn sociale wezens. Een festival, daar wil je zelf bij zijn en ervaren. Op den duur gaat de echte wereld steeds meer mergen met de digitale.

Met de Techrede, de technologische evenknie van de Troonrede, vragen de vier Nederlandse technische universiteiten meer aandacht voor het belang van technologische innovaties.

The current tech bubble is much bigger; Covid-19 is a real crisis, unlike the Y2K bug; and the global economy is in its deepest trouble since the Great Depression.

The Covid-19 epidemic has unexpectedly breathed life into the once boring tech field, which stretches from virtual meetings, online education, digital healthcare, cybersecurity, telecommunications, logistics to smart cities.

Tech talent is highly scarce, but today much more than ever. Even before the reality of Covid-19 reached everyone, companies were forced to create formal training and skilling programmes for workers in response to the lack of talent. 

Door de combinatie van expats en lokale bewoners, het gebruik van internationale kennis en een visie gericht op het helpen van mensen, is Eindhoven (de slimste vierkante kilometer ter wereld) goed op weg om zich ook zelf het Silicon Valley van Europa te mogen noemen.

Net als veel bedrijven worstelde ASML met vraagstukken rondom thuiswerken. Naast het bundelen van kennis (hololens, augmented reality, etc) zijn er de voordelen voor duurzaamheid en het welzijn van medewerkers, die niet meer de halve wereld hoeven over te vliegen.

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