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You’ll find meditations that will calm your mind, transport you to a happier place and leave you feeling energized.

The Covid pandemic was continuing its deadly course, Brazil was ruled by someone who claimed that vaccines could turn people into crocodiles. No jokes during ketamine trips. And no clowns, either.

Make peace with the fact that being tired and being tempted to give up is part of the essential rhythm of life. Tired of fighting Covid. Yet there’s hope in perseverance.

Prioritizing prevention, early detection and intervention, as well as the treatment of mental health disorders even after the pandemic.

Caring for people with mental illnesses. The endless cycle of caregiving takes its toll. Both physically and emotionally. The Call of Duty, Relief and relentless guilt.
During this pandemic, there’s so much loses, so much grief, anxiety and so much uncertainty. Will anxiety last for a lifetime?

The hashtag ’90s kids become sleepy’. Young people sharing their experiences of insomnia. I don’t have the courage to end the day and start a new one.

Determinants of poor mental health and the need for up-to-date information on the mental health impacts of Covid-19 in a way that informs health system responses is imperative.

Why we still can’t sleep, and what to do about it.

This treatment provides a life-changing validation, a route out of helplessness, a way of getting to sleep. A cure for insomnia?

Depression and anxiety, young people are among the most vulnerable. Having a conversation with family, friends or a healthcare professional can be key.

What is longing? Powerful emotional experiences and stress increase our appetite for wants (food, sex, material objects, drugs) as a way of escaping the discomfort of reality.

Parents who find it difficult to stop thinking about work might find it helpful to jot down their work concerns in a notebook, put it away, and then not think about them until they are next at work, and read the notebook

Michael Phelps’ message to Kids: Mental Health is just as important as Physical Health.

Exploring the mental health repercussions of the pandemic and ways to rebuild our overall health. How you eat, sleep and move is what I call the trifecta of good health and wellness.

While we are in no way diminishing the severity of the physical and epidemiological worry surrounding coronavirus, it is crucial that everyone has access to mental health resources.

With a bit of talking and time the pain will pass on its own. That we may be in the realm not of psychiatric disorder, but rather in the tangled landscape of our rich and painful lives.

Met name in deze crisistijd kan het verlichting geven om even met je familie of vrienden te benadrukken hoe rot het allemaal is. Accepteer dat het leven soms klote kan zijn.

Begint de coronablues vat op je te krijgen? Niet zo gek met een avondklok en de donkere winterdagen. Accepteer, dat je je somber voelt.

Celebrating is the last thing we want to do when things are grim. But research says throwing tiny parties to mark even the smallest moments could lift you way up.

Baking and cooking was positively associated with better family connections, greater mental well-being and lower levels of self-reported depression.

Laughter helps you overcome the bad feelings that are associated with worry and does things biologically to improve both your physical and emotional health.

De natuur is zo goed voor ons, omdat het een perfecte omgeving is voor het herstellen van onze aandacht.

Headspace has just announced a three-series deal with Netflix that kicks off next month with the guide to meditation

Growing evidence that the more time children spend outside of school increases the risk of mental health harm and affects their ability to truly learn.

Six tips from experts in psychology and neuroscience on how to better manage the uncertainty in your life.

Kids, this comic is for you. There are lots of different ways to deal with your worries and make yourself feel better. Here are some tips and advice to help you through.

When we do get the chance to chat, we also have fewer stories to tell. As holidays get cancelled, weddings are postponed, concerts and sporting events go ahead without live audiences, we have less to talk about.

Proven strategies to find more inner peace around people. Yes, you can enjoy socializing again. But it might take a little effort.

Almost one in five people who have had Covid-19 go on to be diagnosed with a mental illness within three months of testing positive

Under the threat of a virus, job insecurity, election uncertainty and a general pandemic life-in-limbo that is upending school, holidays and more, people are especially anxious.

Covid-19 adds stress! From a suicide perspective, we are on a path to be as bad as last year. And that’s not just an Air Force problem, this is a national problem because. A fear of the unknown for certain folks.

Mass home-confinement directives (including stay-at-home orders, quarantine, and isolation) raise concern about how people will react individually and collectively.

While men and women face a roughly equal risk of being infected by the coronavirus, women are nearly 3X more likely to report mental health impacts from Covid-19.

Het derde element van humor is dat het de bedoeling is dat er wordt gelachen, er is een intentie om anderen vrolijk te maken

Nog nooit zijn wij eerder zo massaal blootgesteld aan zoveel verschillende stressoren tegelijk. Niet gek dat we hier stress door ervaren

Recollect that no cloud cover moves without a wind to shift it, and winds can change, and bring back the old bad weather.

New studies show caregivers with young children are stressed, with no signs of relief on the horizon. The pandemic is mental health crisis for parents

Ik merk dat mijn sociale kring steeds beperkter wordt, terwijl ik heel graag onder de mensen ben. Ik heb het idee dat ik sociaal afgestompt raak

Covid-19 fatigue is a shorthand way of talking about a constellation of challenges that people are facing that are leading to just an overall sense of exhaustion.

Young adults are one of several groups, including Black and Hispanic people, essential workers and adult caregivers, that reported worse mental health outcomes, increased substance abuse or suicidal thoughts.

It’s important to keep making plans, even if they turn out to be futile. Doing so can help you stay in a positive mindset and keep you from being overwhelmed by stress. Covid-19 and making plans!

Het gaat niet alleen over onze fysieke gezondheid, maar ook over ons mentale welzijn. Er is het coronavirus, en dan heb je alles eromheen: de angst om ziek te worden of je geliefden ziek te maken, de onzekerheid over inkomensverlies of economische recessie, de stress om de combinatie werk-thuisoppas.

Domestic violence is rising, and health workers are reporting an increased need for psychological support. Panic, anxiety, grief, numbness, irritability insomnia and nightmares.

There will be ‘an explosion’ this autumn in the number of people being referred by their GP for treatment for anxiety, depression and obsessive compulsive disorder.

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