Wednesday, March 29, 2023

So, how far might Putin go? Is Ukraine the start of a deeper push into Europe? Weapons a million times more destructive than long bows and trebuchets.

Elephant tusks help them dig into the ground and strip tree barks to obtain food. Restore animals to their original form.

Now instead of humans being on top in ecosystems, we’ve got the virus (Sars-CoV-2’s evolution) that’s on top, changing human behavior.

Metaverse: virtual and mixed environments are expected to upend businesses the way the internet did. The hologram is going to become a regular way of communicating.

Social anxiety and interactivity: If your host has started taking out their contact lenses it’s time to go.

Wearing masks indoors, increasing testing, social distancing, isolating if positive and vaccination will all help to drive down transmission and protect against illness. 

The psychedelic experience moved people away from a hard materialist view. However, regardless of belief, people tended to moderate their views after taking psilocybin.

Ras is een biologisch begrip, dat is zijn uitgangspunt. En dat biologische begrip kun je ook toepassen op de menselijke soort. Niets mis mee.

Drivers for changing how generations generally view the world, spend money and form relationships. Gen Z and younger kids like Gen C.

You’re Boosted! Now what? No one knows exactly what the rules are for post-booster behavior.

The trend toward digital gifts could accelerate this holidays with supply-chain-related shortages. Quick and easy.

Logic and evidence don’t seem to change people’s minds. Instead, it leads other people to dig in heels and defend their positions. How tto convince employees to get a Covid-19 vaccination and how not to.

Your brain wants a holiday it cannot have. We look at the science of lockdown and how much it sucks

If we are to live with the virus, like the flu, the new message has to be to go out, socialise, patronise shops and dining places. Keeping safe with masks and personal hygiene. Time to have a new mindset in endemic phase.

Ouders met een peuter reageerden tijdens de eerste corona lockdown vaker hardhandig op hun kind. How Covid-19 changed the children’s living environments.

Ondanks vaccinatie kun je infectie oplopen, dat is niet erg want je wordt er minder ziek van. Als je vervolgens contact hebt met mensen die niet gevaccineerd zijn, kun je nog steeds besmettelijk zijn.

Toch vind ik het wel een geruststellende gedachte dat ik mogelijk niet zoveel heb gegaapt tijdens de lockdowns omdat ik me verveelde, maar om mijn hoofd koel te houden in lastige tijden.

Historische verschillen tussen Europa en oostelijk Azië zijn talrijk, het is niet gezegd dat de Romantiek het belangrijkste of meest bepalende verschil is. 

One of the concerns is that in fall 2021, with kids back in school and enough adults vaccinated that we change our behaviors. That could open the door to a resurgence of the viruses that have been laid low this season.

The best vaccine in the world won’t stop the pandemic if too few people take it. The biggest challenge may be how to talk about vaccines and how to sell it to a stubborn public.

Als je aan de keukentafel moet werken, haal dan aan het einde van de dag je laptop weg en zet je plantje weer op tafel. Maak onderscheid tussen werken en wonen.

What’s happening to us may seem to so many people to be alien and unnatural, but plagues are not new to our species. They’re just new to us! Our behaviors influence contagion in society. But, Plagues and Pandemics End.

Playing not only provides a welcome distraction but also helps build resilience and coping mechanisms. Play is like breathing to children. It’s essential for processing emotions, building resilience and to give them a sense of control.

Experts who study the psychology of pandemics and human behavior say there are ways to prevent squabbles from fracturing relationships beyond repair.

Persuading people on the pandemic. Simple wording changes can help improve the public’s perception.

Targeted lockdowns can throttle the virus while minimizing economic damage. But one thing we’ve learned is that if Covid-19 gets out of control in one place, it may be only a matter of time before it ends up everywhere else.

The virus gets to set the rules for this conflict. It travels how it travels. It infects whoever it can. Yes, we can beat it, but we have to fight it on its terms.

The anthropause saw a plummet in human behavior, some of the consequences of which included an increase in wildlife sightings 

The morality pill: a controversial approach to battling the pandemic.

Our collective behavior will be the primary determinant of whether we can keep this virus in check.

The changes in behavior, tracked using cellphone location data, have been measured in the past two weeks and can be seen in all but three states.

A number of cognitive stumbling blocks that affect your behavior. The most common biases that screw up our decision-making!

Als het menselijk gedrag niet verandert, is er heel snel sprake van een nieuwe pandemie. Ziektes, die overspringen van dier naar mens, de zogeheten zoönosen.

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