Wednesday, March 29, 2023

You’re not born with resilience. It is a process in which many factors (family, community, cultural practices) interact. Nurture your resilience.

Tips and tools to improve your work-life balance. Achieve your goals, get things done and save time.

Europe’s comparative success in getting workers idled by the pandemic back into the labor force. The great resignation.

Singapore has one of the world’s highest vaccination rates at 84% but new Covid-19 cases nonetheless recently hit a new record high.

For many students, training programs or boot camps that can teach technical skills in a matter of months can be a smarter bet than a traditional college or university.

When a country or a system loses the ability to learn from others, it will not face up to its own problems, and is bound to lose in the competition.

I don’t think there’s ever a point where we’re going to stop trying to educate people about getting the vaccine.

Dit zogenaamde Google-effect op ons geheugen komt waarschijnlijk door het simpele feit dat als informatie zo makkelijk vindbaar is, dit het leren overbodig maakt.

The pandemic has shaken up the present and the future of education, and one result could be a greater focus on personalized learning.

Millions of amateurs around the world are gathering information on everything from birds to plants to Covid-19. And while quarantine is mostly a nightmare for us, it’s been a great accelerant for science.

For those who want to renew connections that have atrophied, solidify friendships that have migrated to Zoom, or otherwise live differently, it’s very possible to do so. Remember that your personality is more like a sand dune than a stone.

Many of us stopped seeing our families and friends, while accepting without question the idea that we would not stop working. We stopped going to theaters and restaurants, but we did not stop working. We stopped going to offices, but we did not stop working.

Months of often inferior remote schooling, plus the additional pressures of the pandemic has led to measurable learning loss for students.

The troubled times we live in, and the rise of social media, have created an age of endless conflict. Rather than fearing or avoiding disagreement, we need to learn to do it well. How to have better arguments online.

Communication is key. Misinformation and disinformation is hugely damaging. Political divisiveness is a big hindrance to an adequate public health response.

Among my students nowadays, I also see more maturity, kindness and eagerness to learn. Their essays seem to me more thoughtful and their questions more probing. We seem to connect better.

The truth is that you cannot control what happens in life. But you can create a routine that gives your life a predictable rhythm and secure mooring. This frees your brain to develop perspective so you’re better able to take life’s surprises in stride

De beelden maken het virus dat ons leven al meer dan een half jaar ernstig beïnvloed op indringende wijze zichtbaar.

The coronavirus pandemic may have a direct impact on people’s weak ties and the benefits they reap from them. Companies that have been forced to change working practices by the crisis may end up making a permanent shift toward home-working and virtual workspaces. Weak and Strong ties!

The new urgency for remote teaching caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has created an opportunity for the country to adopt policies to accelerate blending learning practices among teachers and learners.

Blended Learning is een mix van verschillende leervormen, zoals klassikale training en e-learning, die we overkoepelend de term Blended Learning geven.

Post-corona kun je immers veel minder studenten kwijt. Bij internationale studenten valt dan ook minder te halen. Past niet in de financieringsregelingen. En hoe bereik je dan nog de publicatietop? Dát lijkt me iets voor een denktank.

We love blended learning!

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