Looking for ways to grow old gracefully? Secrets to successful aging: how to keep your mind and body healthy over time.

 Japanese scientists develop vaccine to eliminate cells behind aging. Decreasing senescent cells (zombie cells).

The most immediate route to living better and longer lies not in hacking our cells, but helping people to be more human.

Little evidence that social restrictions during the pandemic have added to rates of death and ill-health.

As we age our telomeres, the end caps of the chromosomes shorten. Preserve telomeres and thus reduce aging.

The first time that people with extreme longevity have had their genomes decoded in such detail, providing clues as to why they live so long and manage to avoid age-related diseases.

We all know, of course, that we’re more likely to die as we get older and accept this as a fact of nature. The best remedy for our diseases? Aging less. Maximize not lifespan but healthspan.

It is also known that obesity, smoking, lack of physical activity, vitamin deficiency and inflammation can speed up the shortening of telomeres, demonstrating that they have a major impact on longevity.

One underappreciated aspect of the crisis is the potential for increased demand for health and protection insurance from consumers in countries with underdeveloped healthcare systems. Education also comes into the whole of life approach to longevity.

Bats live much longer than similar-sized land mammals. Here we review how bats’ ability to control inflammation may be contributing to their longevity.

The dream that we will all grow even older after our retirement has disappeared. More people aged 70 or 80 are now dying than would normally be the case. You can see that as lost lifespan.

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