Friday, February 3, 2023

A smart ring that generates continuous temperature data may foreshadow Covid-19, even in cases when infection is not suspected.

Ride-share purveyors have blanketed the nation with motorized scooters, a trend fueled by the coronavirus. People shunned mass transit and likely to continue unless safety or other problems intervene. 

Met deze bril zou de verpleegkundige honderd patiënten kunnen monitoren in 5 min tijd.

Risk is never zero and it can’t be neglected. It has to be managed

In tegenstelling tot de meeste officiële corona tracing-apps maakt het Kinexon-systeem gebruik van ultrabreedbandtechnologie in plaats van Bluetooth.

Een mondkapje dat nanodraadjes van titaniumoxide bevat, kan druppeltjes met bacteriën of virussen doden onder invloed van uv-licht

A team at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab have built a prototype to fight the ongoing coronavirus pandemic: An electronic pendant that scolds you every time you lift your hands to your face.

Temperatures are soaring higher now more so than ever. A portable, wearable air conditioner is too cool to resist. Sony’s Reon Pocket is activated and controlled via a smartphone app. Sony said it can also work as a personal heater on winter days.

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