Super poo: the emerging science of stool transplants and designer gut bacteria.

This collection of microbes in your body includes bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Together, it’s called the human microbiome.

Scientists are only just discovering the enormous impact of our gut microbiome and how it could hold the key to everything from tackling obesity to overcoming anxiety and boosting immunity.

Walk into the street and ask people what are they afraid of, and they’ll tell you they’re afraid of bacteria, they’re afraid of viruses, but they don’t fear dying of fungi.

Reshape modern microbiomes. That raises complex questions of who owns such data. It’s supposedly waste, but it contains DNA and profiles of microbial diversity. Maybe that poop is literally gold

The microbiome actually provides more genes that contribute to human survival than the human genome itself . Humans need bacteria and their genes more than most of us thought.

Tapping into the potential of the gut microbiome is another avenue that we can pursue to identify potential safe and affordable probiotics for prevention and treatment. Probiotics and prebiotics can affect the immune response to the flu vaccine, and may improve outcomes in flu-like illnesses. Mind your microbes and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Een combinatie van voeding, leefstijlaanpassingen en supplementen (pre- en probiotica, enzymen) kan een inflammatoir microbioom corrigeren naar een gezond en symbiotisch microbioom, dat onze virusafweer versterkt.

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