Wednesday, March 29, 2023

A rediscovery of meritocracy as an ethos. Talents are gifts that must serve society, and with the privilege to rule comes responsibility.

The world’s supply chain has seen unprecedented upheavals. Covid-19 lockdowns, production issues, shipping container shortages and labour disruptions have resulted in gridlocked ports around the world.

The idea of herd immunity is that after enough people (between 70% and 85%) have been infected or vaccinated the virus will start to subside on its own. A Rocky Road.

Herd immunity is another word for mass murder. That is exactly what it is.

Covid-19 is the first disease in modern times where the whole world has changed their behavior and disease spread has been reduced. Countries could hypothetically create societies that are effectively immune to further surges, where the effective herd-immunity threshold is low. Dangerous decisions will be amplified by the dynamic systems of society. People will travel and seed outbreaks in places that have worked tirelessly to contain the virus. In some cases, a single infected person will indirectly lead to hundreds or thousands of deaths. There will only be as much chaos as we allow.

Groepsimmuniteit kennen we nu ook al bij ziektes zoals de mazelen. Er zijn genoeg mensen immuun voor dit virus, veelal door de inentingen die ze als kind hebben gekregen. Wie immuun is voor een bepaalde ziekte kan deze ook niet doorgeven.

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