Ben Jackson paid tribute to his aunt through his sheep art. The circular garden represents a new, more localized approach to the Green Wall project.

Farmers one day will be able to manage their fields from their kitchen table, using a smartphone or tablet to drive machinery, inspect plants and irrigate or treat crops with fertilizer or insecticides.

Adopt a mango tree that we cultivate under the Organic Farming regulations of the European Union since 2014.

How sure can I be that the price will reflect the efforts if I start the organic certification process? How can I finance the conversion period if I must still sell my products at a conventional price?

At the Gasol Foundation we are fighting to combat the pandemic of child obesity that our society is suffering. Fresh fruit is fundamental for developing healthy eating habits.

Predicting the future is key to good policymaking, and crowd forecasting has repeatedly proven to be more successful than the judgement of single experts.

And maybe that’s the killer product from Crowdfarming. It’s amazingly valuable to get finer products such as almonds or real honey from an organic farm that you have a personal connection to.

We are also very proud of the great commitment shown by the farmers and our team during the most difficult moments of the Covid-19. These were hard days that required special sensitivity. Crowdfarming action plan 2020!

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