Wednesday, March 29, 2023

The unbalanced and contradictory picture of death and dying is the basis for the Value of Death

No man is an island, entire of itself. Every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main. Variants and the peril of vaccine Inequity.

I think the Gates Foundation is definitely changing. The question is, how significantly is it changing? Gatesologists!

Empathy contributes to positive relationships and organizational cultures and it also drives results.

Covax’s shortcomings: its lack of transparency and its incapacity to deliver on its promises. The future of the public-private partnership model may be in the balance.

COVAX is based on the recognition that a free market system is unlikely to ensure globally equitable vaccine access during a pandemic. It risks losing health equity out of sight in favour of equity markets.

The coronavirus turned out to be a global health problem. Rich governments snatched up all the vaccines, ventilators and oxygen. A vital test on solidarity and we are failing it.

How the colour line crisscrosses with other axes: health, wealth, gender, climate, technology. Consider the architecture of 21st-century life: artificial intelligence, public health, borders.

It is someone’s right to embrace the theory that ivermectin is a miracle drug, vaccine horror stories and conspiracy theories. But the rest of us reserve the right to be appalled by someone’s judgment and ethics.

Handshakes were one of the first habits to go when the Covid-19 began. You may find yourself confronting an outstretched hand again soon. The dubious return of the handshake.

Covid-19 has exposed the impact of the intersectionality of race, social class, gender, ageism, disability and geography in health access and health outcomes. The call for ethical leadership.

The next winter in the northern hemisphere will prove whether and how much the vaccine can help prevent Covid-19. It also remains to be seen what the consequences of severe disparities in vaccination rates and economic resilience will bring to international relations.

Capitalism, and thus both the relentless search for profit and the value system that places wealth on the pedestal, is more dominant than ever.

There was no shirking responsibility, blaming others, or passing the buck. He clearly stated that as director of the hospital, the bottom line rests with him.

Is it unethical to withhold a possible treatment from someone who instead receives a placebo, or to continue to administer that treatment without having collected data on whether it works?

While local AI leadership offers greater agility and potential for innovation, the urgency of the crisis has left little time to address ethical and human rights questions, and inform city officials of potential risks.

De 4 principes van medische ethiek: respect voor autonomie, weldoen, niet schaden en rechtvaardigheid blijven ook leidend voor de zorgverlener als de zorg onder grote druk staat zoals nu tijdens de COVID-19-epidemie

Deze clinical frailty scale is een schaal om de kwetsbaarheid van patiënten te bepalen. Hoe hoger de score qua kwetsbaarheid, hoe slechter een ic-opname uitpakt. En ook hoe kleiner de kans op voldoende kwaliteit van leven of een succesvolle revalidatie.

Een op de zeven vrouwen krijgt borstkanker, vaak vrouwen in de bloei van hun leven, waarom staan we niet te applaudisseren als die het ziekenhuis uit lopen? Waarom niet voor angstige mannen met prostaatkanker of voor andere patiënten die de ic hebben overleefd? Doe het voor iedereen of doe het niet. Er is meer op aarde dan covid-19.

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