Wednesday, December 7, 2022

There is a tidal wave of Omicron coming, which has the potential to cause significant disruption In populations with low levels of immunity.

With mile-long lines at the gas stations, empty supermarket shelves, soaring prices, and nothing working, the UK heads back to the 1970s.

These just-in-time systems only work if consumers are confident in their functioning and trust people in charge. How to control a consumer panic?

England is free. Effectively leaving protection from the coronavirus to vaccinations and, er, the goddess of chance. 

More than 100 nations are pushing to temporarily suspend patent rules. But the move has been blocked by a small number of countries, including the UK and the US, as well as by the EU.

The numbers may be trending downward, but the battle is no less intense. In the land of Churchill, it is likened sometimes to war, the Covid-19 war.

We are battling a global pandemic with temporary fixes, avoiding the question of why we were so vulnerable.

Officials in Britain and South Africa claim new variants are more easily transmitted. There’s a lot more to the story, scientists say.

Fearing the disastrous effects of no deal… to make sure 2021 does not begin against a backdrop of twin crises caused by the pandemic and Brexit.

Relaxation of coronavirus restrictions over Christmas could lead to a third wave of the pandemic.

The economic fallout during the coronavirus pandemic has made the prospect of a third world war a risk.

What the Sunday papers say about England’s new Covid-19 lockdown: Shockdown!

We want people to have a Christmas that is as close to normal as possible.

A lack of income from visitors to royal buildings was likely to bring a funding shortfall of US$19 million over three years.

Senior doctors and scientists said on Tuesday that, without urgent action, a resurgence of cases this winter could overwhelm the NHS when services are already stretched because of flu and other seasonal pressures. Prepare for a Second Wave!

In Leicester, a city of ramshackle garment factories and multigenerational homes in the heart of England, the imposition of a second lockdown late last month has induced a sort of whiplash among people who were still recovering from the first.

In the face of a crisis, these institutions, and the men who lead them, continue to foster gender inequality. They continue their stubborn inattention to the confluence of women’s economic disadvantages and women’s future economic viability. This time, the systemic biases they perpetuate will hurt Britain as a whole.

I’ve had a fever, a cough and breathlessness since February, and been in and out of hospital. If it isn’t coronavirus, what is it?

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