Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Exercise is not just a path to a healthier body, it’s a path to a healthier brain. Prevent the onset of chronic lifestyle-related diseases.

Covid-19 keeps involving into surprising new variants. To predict what the coronavirus could do next, we can’t really guess what more is possible.

The Midlife tuneup will put you on a healthier path to improving your body, mind and relationships. Becoming fit in middle age will give you more years of good health.

The fresh, salty air helps clear your head a lot. Forget Hygge and friluftsliv, it’s time for uitwaaien.

The great dichotomy of wellness travel during the Covid-19 era. The yoga industry suffers as anti-vax sentiment co-opts wellness industry.

Breath in through your nose for a count of four seconds. Hold your breath for seven seconds. Exhale for eight seconds, making a ‘whoosh’ sound through pursed lips. Repeat up to four times. Use 4-7-8.

It’s inevitable that technology-driven home fitness will become dominant much like how streaming services have changed movie watching.

Exercise while lying down and online.

The future of fitness may be sweating at home forever, an eventual return to gyms, or, most likely, a hybrid of in- and out-of-home exercise. 

Yoga’s combination of physical and mental exercises has hooked practitioners around the globe. The good news is, you don’t have to be a yogi or yogini to reap the benefits. Here’s how to get started.

For some, the new ways of working are taking a toll on their eyes. Itchiness, blurry vision and headaches – or eye strain – are among the common problems.

The 21 Biggest Health and Fitness Trends Of 2021.

Doing an activity you enjoy can also help with stress, from dancing to making art or getting out into nature or having fun.

Muziek luisteren heeft een positieve invloed op de hersenen. Muziek ontspant, zorgt voor een lagere bloeddruk en vermindert stress en wordt zelfs ingezet bij de behandeling van slapeloosheid en depressie. 

Older people should be doing strength training, during the pandemic, to counteract the effects of physical inactivity.

The researchers found a strong association between severe sleeping problems and a high media exposure score.

The question remains, is it really safe to return to the gym and get your daily fix of exercise induced endorphins, or are gyms germ generating communal hangouts that should be avoided during this global pandemic?

Getting enough physical activity can make both your body and mind feel better. It can also help prevent or delay health problems. Personalized exercise?

Door het thuis zitten en de enorme stress en de zorgen door de coronamaatregelen, voel ik me gesloopt. Mentaal is het slopend omdat je niks anders dan corona hoort.

Sleep, or the lack thereof, affects just about every aspect of your health. Quality is as important as duration. Getting enough sleep with or without the help of supplements is necessary for optimal immune function.

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