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How your eyes see as time goes by. De zorg betaalbaarder maken. RicovAI-19 analyzes diagnosis and prognosis.

Cuba has a long history of prioritising public health and investing in pharmaceutical production. Whatever reservations we may have, its commitment to global health equity is unmatched.

In deze online cursus ontdek je samen met andere zorgprofessionals wat kunstmatige intelligentie (AI) nu eigenlijk is en hoe het de zorg kan helpen.

People and patients bearing witness to an essential humanitarian need, access to medical care. A year of responding to crises in images.

Palliative care is aimed at helping someone live with a serious, complex illness. Improving the quality of life. The topic of death needs open discussion.

Tech advances will change the entire hospital experience no matter where the care is delivered.

We are keen to bring our ventilator to as many hospitals as possible to combat serious respiratory diseases worldwide.

What do teeth and oral health have to do with the brain? Does it protect against degenerative diseases?

Hospitals, drug companies, health insurers, medical device manufacturers and other health care suppliers generated record sales and profits. We are exhausted, none of us have ever faced anything like it

We need a new paradigm in the way we provide care. Encourage sick people who do not have the virus to take advantage of home health care. Protect hospitals from overload.

Healthcare has traditionally lagged behind other industries in funding cybersecurity, making them an easy target for exploits, especially ransomware.

This highlights the need for PLHIV to stay as healthy as possible, regularly access and take their ARV medications and prevent and manage underlying conditions.

Nearly a quarter of public health workers said they felt bullied, threatened or harassed because of their work since the pandemic began.

Balanced scorecard voor beleidsvorming, snelle en consistente maatregelen op het gebied van wet- en regelgeving en het opnieuw vaststellen van vergoedingen kunnen een kostenbesparing van 170 miljard opleveren.

Wat suggereert die krantenkop? Waar komt dit nieuws vandaan? Is dit echt iets nieuws? En wat kun je hier nu concreet mee? Dokter Media brengt nuance en duiding bij medisch nieuws.

My hope is that once we’ve gotten people vaccinated, we will get back to a place where we feel normal again, where we can live again. Black doctors, nurses and researchers share why they joined The Conversation.

Betaalbaarheid van de zorg is een groot maatschappelijk vraagstuk. Hoe we de zorg beter en betaalbaarder kunnen maken.

De spreekkamers zullen niet leeglopen, omdat patiënten liever een app gebruiken. Maar waarschijnlijk gaat er wel meer differentiatie plaatsvinden de komende jaren.

The pandemic may have disrupted families’ dental care and exasperated potential disparities among those with insurance barriers.

The Covid-19 pandemic revealed a lack of consensus on the concept of essential oral health care.

Er zit een periode tussen toegenomen besmettingen en ziekenhuis opnamen. Het model kan voorspellen hoe groot de belasting van ziekenhuiszorg over drie weken is.

After all the death she’s witnessed, she doesn’t believe that pharmaceutical companies or the government or her bosses have suddenly come to value caregivers’ lives.

A wave of infections that nearly broke its hospitals. Exhausting, infecting and killing doctors and nurses. For Europe, it’s wave after wave.

All planning must consider the exponential growth of epidemics, the role of social mixing and movement in transmission of SARS-COV-2, the calamitous timing of New Year’s Eve within one incubation period of Christmas Day on, and the magnitude of risk this poses.

Health information needs to reach people where they are. And people are on social media. A TikTok doctor (gastroenterologist) talks vaccines.

The Covid-19 pandemic has placed enormous strain on countries around the world, exposing long-standing gaps in public health and exacerbating chronic inequities.

Prevailing against pandemics by putting people at the centre. Calling on countries to make far greater investments in global pandemic responses and adopt a new set of bold, ambitious but achievable HIV targets.

Health care workers are overworked, over-stressed and burned out. All as cases and hospitalizations keep climbing and climbing

Dangerous levels of coronavirus hospitalizations, with hospitals warning that they could soon become overwhelmed if no action is taken to slow the spread.

Covid-19 patients should be regularly screened for C. auris, in order to accurately track rates of infection and identify which antibiotic treatments, if any, might help affected patients recover.

We came out of retirement to help, and took on the role in good faith, not realising the lack of support, clear leadership and mentoring.

A paradigm shift in care homes is needed so that vitamin D is understood as a protective nutrient as well as a medicine.

This wonky, seemingly semantic debate has a real-world impact on what sort of protective measures health care companies need to take to protect their patients and workers.

Physicians worldwide have put their physical and mental health at risk as they battle the coronavirus pandemic.

Ergens tussen leven en dood ligt een niemandsland. Wee hem die daar binnengaat.

Zorg mijden, een onrustbarende bijvangst van de covidmaatregelen. Hoeveel patiënten ontwijken de dokter? Hoeveel raken ontmoedigd door de maatregelen van zorginstellingen om Covid-19 buiten de deur te houden? En hoe velt een arts eigenlijk een goed oordeel door de telefoon.

Covid-19 infections and deaths were dramatically reduced in French nursing homes where staff voluntarily confined themselves at the facilities, a new study finds.

Cleaning teeth and filling cavities, by their nature, require close contact with the vessel that spreads the virus.

It would be up to the kindness of the healthcare heroes treating her to represent us, to show her compassion and encouragement, and be our lifeline.

Je gunt mensen zo veel meer. Ik zit al 32 jaar in de verpleging, maar zo heb ik het nog nooit meegemaakt. Als de maskers afgaan, spreken de gezichten!

A learning-based model to evaluate hospitalization priority in Covid-19 pandemics.

Coronavirus outbreaks are up to 20 times more likely in large care homes, prompting calls to divide them into ‘bubbles’ before any second wave hits.

A palpable sense of fear among staff. Chief concerns: lack of PPE was the top worry, along with the possibility of exposing others to the virus, and being forced to make life-or-death decisions based on equipment shortages. Your soul gets torn.

Public-health experts are not treating sick people, as doctors or nurses might be, but are instead advising policy makers, monitoring the pandemic’s movements, modeling its likely trajectory, and ensuring that hospitals are ready.

In the world the virus has made, there are two spheres: home and hospital. Between them, ambulances run, carrying patients and dispatches from the front. Meet the Heroes.

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