Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Love in the Time of Covid-19. A look at how relationships are faring two years into the pandemic.

But when it comes to emoji, they’ve entered a whole new world of meaning. Here are some of our favorite emoji that don’t quite mean what you might think.

Reintegrating back into our post pandemic summer while also trying to cope with the repercussions and fears of the last 18 months. Joy and anxiety: the hot face emoji in action.

The pandemic reoriented our conomy of attention, redefining the limits of who and what we could care about. Good conversation is necessary glue for any friendship.

De vraag zal dan dus per geval zijn: hoe groot is het risico dat je neemt met een knuffel? Dat zal het nieuwe normaal zijn.

It is truly exciting to start quarantine-free travel. Be it returning family, friends or holiday-makers. Welcome and enjoy yourself. Heartwarming open Bubble.

The world is reopening and I’m worried. How will I hold on to the friendships I’ve built?

But Holy Cow, the pandemic has really exacerbated the loneliness epidemic.

Social distancing has reminded us what a crucial role touch plays in our wellbeing.

We come to know more than Klara does, and this distance is the gentle opposite of irony. It is compassion.

Hugging is like medicine, it gives us hope. Friends and lovers on the joy of touch.

A nursing home in north Italy has created a stanza degli abbracci, or hug room, to allow its elderly residents to hug their loved ones without risk of contagion.

The absence of nurturing human touch and sensory stimulation wreaked havoc on their bodies and minds. No other sensory input has as profound an influence on human life as touch, the first sense to develop in the foetus.

As a society, we instinctively understand the power of touch. A single, small touch can change countless lives. Princess Diana knew this when she held the hand of an Aids patient in 1987. So did Barack Obama when he stooped to let a young black boy pat his hair, so that he could feel his own potential in the palm of his hand.

Sociale aanraking zorgt in de menselijke ontwikkeling gedurende het hele leven voor bonding, beloning, communicatie en emotionele regulatie. Of het nu een warme omhelzing is of een geruststellende hand op de schouder, fysiek contact is een manier van hoe we bezorgdheid tonen en vriendschap met geliefden tot stand brengen. We voelen ons er goed door en kunnen niet zonder.

Today, Paige explains why it is important to understand how touch deprivation can affect us, and what we can do to deal with lack of human touch while social distancing.

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