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Misinformation and distrust: behind Bolivia’s low Covid-19 vaccination rates. Right now, people are thirsty for knowledge.

Desinformatie over het virus en de vaccins ertegen. Coronafabels en vaccinatieroddels van A tot Z. Handig voor als het hoog oploopt tijdens het kerstdiner.

Machine-learning programs have achieved super-human capacity. A program with a super-human ability to stoke anger and create divisions could weaken society by giving us all new reasons to hate each other.

She warned people about the dangers of taking ivermectin and the impact that shortages could have on animals. How misinformation created a run on animal medicine.

This pattern and practice of misbehavior suggests that Amazon is either unwilling or unable to modify its business practices to prevent the spread of falsehoods or the sale of inappropriate products.

Fake news is not novel at all. The long and broad history of faking is an uncomfortably integral part of the news itself.

Increased digital literacy, and trustworthy information sources, save lives. The perfect conditions for a full-scale war on truth.

Meet the Indiana doctor behind the new ultra-viral coronavirus misinformation video. A cocktail of vitamin D, zinc, iron, selenium, iodine as a booster for anyone worried about catching the disease.

Wikipedia. The crowdsourced reference site is the simplest, most succinct summary of the current state of knowledge on almost any subject you can imagine.

Yet so much of this conjecture was built on a shaky, if not false, premise. The incident reveals the importance of critical thinking for business leaders, and the reading public, especially now. A post-truth world!

Overconfident of spotting fake news? If so, you may be more likely to fall victim.

The virus was mysterious, and my family looked to WhatsApp for comfort. Western medicine seemed as if it had failed them.

The vaccines designed to protect from Covid-19 are the subject of rumour, suspicion and misinformation. This is the whole truth.

Le problème est que Laurène Beaumond n’ existe pas telle que le média d’Etat veut la présenter. (Claire—consider the case of journalist Laurène Beaumont, an unusually accomplished….).

Modern fake news is objectively on a very different scale and creates a whole different environment and economy. A truth in fake news.

You have patients that are literally dying, and then you have patients that are denying the disease. You try to educate and you try to educate, but then you just hit a wall

Memes have proven to be a more effective tool in spreading misinformation because they’re easier to produce and harder to moderate using artificial intelligence.

Naar mate de bron van de berichten betrouwbaarder lijkt, wordt het steeds moeilijker om ‘fake’ nieuws van echt te onderscheiden.

LinkedIn besloot na drie dagen plotseling Helsloots post te verwijderen. In strijd met onze professionele communityrichtlijnen.

Laat het Outbreak Management Team die honderden publicaties uit elkaar plukken en de overheid en onszelf vertellen wat de stand van de wetenschap is. Ze zijn insiders en ze kunnen dat beter dan wij

Spreading disinformation and misinformation about COVID-19, though not always a criminal offence, has very serious repercussions, endangering public health and directly affecting people’s lives. How does it affect me?

Hoe onderscheid je de waarheid van de leugens? Trollen produceren voortdurend nepnieuwsberichten voor sociale media en nieuwssites. Het doel daarvan is verwarring zaaien, bevolkingsgroepen tegen elkaar uitspelen en bondgenootschappen onder spanning zetten. Aan het front van de informatieoorlog!

Unreliable and false information is spreading around the world to such an extent, that some commentators are now referring to the new avalanche of disinformation that’s accompanied the COVID-19 pandemic as a disinfodemic.

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