Wednesday, March 29, 2023

All those things and meeting people. How can that be recreated? The death of the department store.

The beauty business turns to augmented reality. Apps that let customers virtually try on makeup, hair and skin care products.

The business of returning things: look at it as a strategy to build a winning customer experience.

New fashion trends, plucked from social media and dropped into the global e-commerce market. Selling directly online and bypassing retailers. A wave of impossibly cheap clothes.

Contactless services have become widespread due to the pandemic. Adding more features to robots will help them become even more commonplace.

A grocery store that integrates digital conveniences like scan-and-go shopping, where customers can skip lines by using an app to buy their items.

The surprisingly big business of library E-books. Digital content gives publishers more power over prices, because it allows them to treat libraries differently. 

Department stores and big supermarkets will start requiring customers to scan QR codes in an effort to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Food festivals aren’t nearly as fun for chefs and in many cases they end up losing money by participating. A first-of-its-kind food festival from Indie Chefs Community (ICC) will offer a revenue share model for restaurateurs.

Showrooms like Lucid’s provide a glimpse into what auto dealerships of the future may look like and how they might operate. Grocery stores are ideal labs to test bold ideas meant to save brick and mortar retail.

When the pandemic shut down indoor dining kept people at home for more than a year, food delivery apps boomed. Or, pay a fairer price for your meal.

Governments and pharmaceutical companies alike must work together in combating the virus of intellectual property (IP) monopolies over vaccines, which  further exacerbates inequality.

To effectively detect, respond to, and prevent outbreaks of zoonoses and food safety problems, epidemiological data and laboratory information should be shared across sectors. One Health!

She remains frustrated by some technology that caters to restaurants, particularly food-delivery apps, but is thrilled about others, including smartphone software that she plans to use for customers to pay the bill on their phones.

We need to have a business case for investment in global health. There’s a need for making a stronger case in general. As a way of also bridging the conversation gap between government and the private sector.

Think of this as the Steve Jobs‘s garage stage. Your startup doesn’t have a concrete product, but you have a good concept.

New models, often providing curated groceries alongside dining facilities. A plant-based menu, a lifestyle store and artisanal tequilas and mescals. But mocktails are getting more popular, too. Dining trends for 2021.

Unlike delivery companies, those only selling software tools to restaurants don’t have to manage large labor pools and the associated costs.

Leaders of startups and high-growth companies master the art of handling change. In 2020, constant change was the only norm, and the ability to adapt became a more essential leadership skill than ever.

To prevent the hardship of this last year from happening again, pandemic preparedness must be taken as seriously as we take the threat of war.

A method of utilizing synthetic mRNA to fight disease that involves changing the way the body produces virus-fighting material. That discovery is now the basis of the Covid-19 vaccine. That fundamental discovery is going to go into medicines that help the world.

Kabinetsberaad op vrijdag, op zondag in het Catshuis is er weer overleg en dan moet het tot dinsdag duren tot er een besluit valt dat weer later ingaat. Het virus houdt daar geen rekening mee. Als ik zolang twijfel op een IC dan is een patiënt al overleden.

Companies are preparing to design digital immunity certificates for Covid-19 that could be used when a vaccine is available.

Hoe verdien je geld in een anderhalvemeter-samenleving? Veel bedrijven moeten door de coronacrisis op zoek naar een ander business model.

Als wij iets doen, gaat het van: hoe zou ik het zélf vinden om hier binnen te komen? Dat is het uitgangspunt. We maken daarbij alles in de communicatie naar onze gasten heel concreet, zijn transparant en eerlijk en maken juist ook nu duidelijk hoe oprecht blij we zijn dat ze voor ons kiezen.

Strategic foresight instead aims to pose key questions that might have gone unasked in developing a strategy, and to reveal and challenge potentially fatal assumptions and expectations built into current policies and plans.

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